It is one of the most common saying, “Music speaks, when words fail”. As we all know, music has the power to console every broken heart. This is the most creative passion in which one brings forth their feelings, expressions and thoughts. The craze for singing is increasing rapidly among the people of all ages. Most of us have a passion to become popular through their songs so that they can rock the music industry one day and increase their money making power. However, each one is failed to recognize the fact behind their singing talent. No is familiar with an idea the songs they are singing is not only makes them famous but is a good source of generating maximum amount.

Once writing or singing is done, your song can be downloaded, sold, and streamed. This entire means that you are generating songwriter royalties for you. Today in the music industry, songwriters can earn millions for full-time living from their singing and songwriting skills.

Well, songwriters can earn royalties in number of ways that are categorized as Physical/Analog songwriter Royalties and Digital Songwriter Royalties. These further include different ways which are outlined as follows: –

Mechanical Royalties

This is one best way which is very common in the market. We all know that CDS & DVDs are the ultimate way to sell your songs. Whenever a unit is sold, a singer or writer gets mechanical royalty as their income. The royalty rate depends according to the currency rate.

Analog Royalties

In this, you can make money by performing live. Public performance is the best way that helps you to get maximum amount. Whenever you play at the local pubs or your song gets radio play you can earn money. The royalty rate can be fixed with the negotiation between PRO and the entity where the performance occurs.

Print Royalties—Printed material

As in this case, royalty can be generated from the public display copyright. There’s no government rate for this royalty—it’s a one-to-one negotiation.

In this way, you can see how a singer can get benefited from his singing talent and increase his/her money making power.