Top 10 Tips to Become Professional Songwriter

Writing a song is a great skill. Wondering how can you become professional songwriter? Well, here are 10 tips that’ll help you in achieving your desired goals:


What do you want to convey? Think about it. Make sure you are clear about the whole idea before you make your audience understand it.

2. Focus on the words

Your words are the most important part of your song. Therefore, choose your words aptly to make this process easy. Whenever you find something interesting, take a moment and write it down.

3. Learn to focus overall

Well, focus is something that is very important and no one expects you to develop it overnight. Learn to focus and success is guaranteed

4. Be Original

This works all the way from singing to songwriting. Be yourself and be original. If you imitate, you are just going to be someone’s parody.

5. Understand the depth yourself

Before expecting your audience to understand, make sure that you understand it first. Songwriting is an art and can be pursued only if you love to write. This field cannot be pursued if you take it only as

6.   Be Curious

You can always learn, irrespective of your age or skill. No one is perfect; therefore, make sure that you try to learn as much as you can and whenever you find a chance.

7. Take small steps

Start with baby steps. Send your rendition to platforms where maximum number of audience visits. Social media can be a great place to start.

8. Be different

Don’t deliver what the audience has already read. Try to be different. Not only your audience will love it, they’ll notice you!

9. Listen

The more we listen, the more we grab things. When it comes to singing we always read and listen to hit songs. They’ll help you in generating ideas of your own. Learn as you listen.

10. Accept positive criticism

Well, creative fields involve a lot of criticism, both positive and negative. Make sure you ignore the negative ones and accept the positive and work towards your betterment rather than getting upset about it.

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