5 Simple yet Powerful Tips For Better Songwriting

Every songwriter follows a different technique and method to write a song. Be it a professional songwriter or an amateur one, it is the wish of every person to have better songwriting, excel and write a hit song.

However, if you are a songwriter and want to outshine in this field, here are a few key tips or guidelines that you can consider before beginning with the songwriting task.

  1. Analyze popular music- When you are listening to your favorite songs, analyze the music properly and find out what it is that makes the particular song appealing to your ears. Is it the lyrics that make the song popular or the song only about the good music? In addition, you should also analyze the songs of artists that never became popular. This way you will get a good idea of what should not be included in your songwriting.
  2. The idea- With a clear idea in your mind you can very easily excel in the songwriting task. Whether it is about the concept of the song or a melody, if you are clear with your ideas nothing can stop you to write an excellent song.
  3. Structures of the song- When writing a song always consider the structure or format of the song. Be very clear about the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge of your song.  Your concept should dictate the structure of your song. Furthermore, you should also take care of the length of the song.
  4. Focus on the chorus- This is the most important songwriting tips that a number of songwriters often tend to overlook. Chorus of the song is the first thing that generally comes to mind while listening to a song. The chorus of the song should be simple yet catchy and memorable.
  5. Get feedback- Do not forget to get feedback for your song from another perspective. You can ask your family members and friends about your song. What are their views? Did they love the song? Ask for their opinion and take them into consideration.

So, the next time you are thinking of writing a song, take the aforementioned tips into consideration. They will assuredly help you with your songwriting skills.

Tips to Boost Your Songwriting Skills!

To achieve success in the songwriting industry, it is essential that you must have strong writing skills. Songwriting is the most beautiful art that involves creativity, learning, objectivity and observation. Merely, publishing a song is not an achievement, as a songwriter what is important to you, is to have excellent writing skills. This is not similar to other kinds of writing.

There comes a time when every songwriter undergoes a situation where the inspiration just seems to dry up. These are the situations over which you have no control.

Presently, the competition for songwriters is on the edge and as a songwriter, you need a lot to horn your skills to stay ahead of the competition. To make your writing skills good at all the times, here we are discussing some effective tips to help you learn new ways to express yourself.

Have a glimpse on the basic tips you need to know as a Songwriter: –

  • Be Open to Learning – This is really the first and the foremost step to start your career as a successful songwriter. Having a strong understanding of most basic principles of song form, chord structure, melodies and harmonies, serves a great way to sharpen your skills.
  • Add More Interest to Your Lyrics – To create a new set of lyrics for your favorite song, it is of utmost importance to read the lyrics of your preferred lyricist. Simply, pen down every word and feeling that comes into your head. By figuring this out, you can easily determine the themes, characteristics and trends in your own lyrics.
  • Not Follow Your Heart Only – As many of us believe that songwriting comes from the heart only. Well, this is not true to that extent. Yes, of course, we follow what our heart says and write down. But when it comes to writing songs, you need to involve several aspects of mind also, not just feelings.
  • Construct Exercises – To horn your songwriting skills, write one new song daily for a week to enhance your writing skills. The idea here is clearly to make you perfect. By doing so, you will automatically get into the habit of writing perfect songs every time.
  • Present Your Work to Experienced Songwriters – This is one of essential points which we cannot neglect. To take your work to another level, it is important to join social songwriting circles, where you can present your work to experts to get the right feedback.

Well, as we know no two individuals are alike. Every songwriter has the different approach in music. There may be many different ways also, following which one can excel their career in Songwriting. However, the points discussed above prove to be a great help for songwriters to make their career in fast growing singing world.