Are You Aware of Different Singing Styles?

You all must have been singing since you discovered your voice. Of course, many things have changed since then. Varied cultures across the globe came up with their own scales and modes, plus different type of singing styles emerged.

Music genres are diverse and varied as the cultures themselves. Different genres present unique challenges for singers. Here is a list of the most common singing styles and how to sing them.


Music is food and pop is candy. It’s fun but not funny. Romantic yet not emotional. With dance and rhythm at its heart, this style has dominated the music industry.


Learn how to control your vibrato without getting stressed. Experiment with varied vocal sounds like short popping sounds. Focus on your stage movements and gestures and dance a little to set the mood right.


Rock is the grandchild of the blues. Rock and roll is heavier and more dance-ably rhythm. It grew up t o become harsh, rougher and edgier.


Experiment with different vocal flairs like a growling sound at the end but make sure you don’t overdo it. Practice singing a huge range of dynamics from whispers to high notes.

Opera/ Classical

This style is always considered as the most formal and restrictive of all genres of singing as it requires the greatest amount of freedom. It is sung with uncontrolled vibrato and emotional release. Lack of intimacy with the audience makes it the least conversational of all genres. It gives the audience the impression of admiring astonishing paintings from afar.


Don’t imitate an opera singer simply sing with an open and free voice. Practice, practice, and practice. Don’t force or try to create it. Get connected with a tutor to become a perfectionist.


Songs with clear speech level and distinct consonants come under jazz genre while blues singing has rough and rootsy edges with a unique accent.


Experiment with different vocal sounds like scatting and pitch slides. Study up chromatic scales.

Hip Hop

The rhythmic rhyming singing accompanied with rapping and beat boxing is termed as hip hop style of singing. The genre has grown steadily and gained popularity over the years. The apparent origins are funk, disco, reggae, and blues.

Tips: Carefully listen to funk, disco, reggae, soul, gospel and old-school hip hop songs. Don’t become a rapper, simply switch between singing and speaking to maintain the versatility. Never be afraid of experimenting or wordplay. Make your own unique signature singing styles.

Despite the different music genres, one thing connects them all that is love that the audience has. Practice makes a man perfect. Listen carefully and keep your ears open because that’s what makes a real artist.

How to Become a Confident Singer?

I’m a great bathroom singer, but singing in front of a crowd, are you crazy? Does this sound familiar?
If you have inborn nightingale voice you will be the one confident Singer that sings in front of the audience. It’s cool if you are one of those. But if you are someone who panics while singing in a crowd, you have are lacking in confidence both physically and psychologically. Your creativity shatters and you underperform when you are nervous.

Work On Your Confidence Level

For others breathing techniques or hitting notes may be important but having high-self esteem also plays a key role in captivating the audience. Sing without being scared, without turning your face red, without a locking jaw, without sweaty hands and most importantly retaining control of your body.

Why Do You Freak Out?

Most of you will agree that freaking out on stage is because you know we are being judged. You are being judged on something you love passionately and this makes the whole scenario 10 times worse. Thoughts can be changed. Life is too short to worry about what others think but it’s difficult for you to change your mindset once you are on stage.

How to Control Your Nervousness?

When you open your mouth, words should flow flawlessly. In addition to consistency, you have to be happy with the sound that comes out of you. This understanding will amplify your belief in your skills and assures that you are more likely to impress judges and captivate the audience. Never think someone else got there before you. Believe in yourself and steal the show with a rocking performance.

Certain things may sound gibberish but do give them a shot. You are likely to accomplish a task when you think you will. Give it a shot and see the sweat in your hands magically drying up, right in front of your eyes, then your journey to becoming a confident singer begins.

What Do Judges Look For in a Singing Competition?

For those you have a habit of taking part in a singing competition would be aware of the fact that getting through the initial audition is a piece of a cake. After all, you have to sing that one song well and you’ll most probably make it through. However, you’ve to pull up your socks to survive in the competition. Not many of you may keep impressing the judges and make it through round after round till the grand finale.

Plan to conquer the singing contest? Here is how you can:

It is extremely important to make it through the initial audition and mesmerize the judges with your voice. Making an impression in the first go plays a vital role otherwise all your hard work would amount to nothing. Reserve the best song for the later rounds of the competition. Hold back on displaying your full potential and show your skills as the contest progresses, so as to keep surprising the judges.

Hit The Nail On The Head

In most singing contests, judges are always looking out for versatile singers, someone who incorporates the ability to handle a variety of song genres and repertoire. Rock the stage by showing some versatility and master a few genres so that you have a handful of skills to utilize during the competitive rounds.

Know Your Competition Well

Before taking part in the singing competition, thoroughly understand it and know your target audience. You never know there may be hidden music industry member that is looking out for the next biggest star so choose songs that showcase your unique personality. Don’t be a copy cat and mimic the exact style of the celebrity. Wisely decide what kind of songs will give you the greatest advantage. Judges are always looking out for fresh talent that takes on popular cover songs so ecstatically sing a song that reflects your personality. You may have to ring the bells and whistles to win the competition.

How to Sing if You Have a Bad Voice?

Many adore celebrities and wonder how amazingly they sing. You may be one of them who dream of singing on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, reunions, and weddings..  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how to turn your bad voice into a good one.

Be Optimistic

Either you sing for a huge audience or for a small group, never loose on confidence. This will not only boost your self-esteem but will also curtail stage fear. If you constantly conscious about your looks, it is likely you lose focus of the song and hit a high or low note badly. Wipe away all thoughts that strike your mind and put on a great show. Remember, you will make a memory that you will cherish forever.

Singing Voice vs Speaking Voice

A singing tone always has a higher pitch than a speaking voice. This can only be achieved when you take proper training and learn breathing techniques. When you sing, your voice should come from the diaphragm and not from your throat. Singing voice cracks immediately when you sing high notes. Practice inhaling from the nose and push the stomach outwards.

Another important factor to consider is your voice tone. This is not important in chorus singing but your voice needs to blend when you sing solo. It won’t sound good if you sing a song in the same tone.

Get Voice Lessons

Singing doesn’t come with an age constraint. You can enroll in voice lessons whenever you desire. Vocal lessons help you teach the basics of learning making you more confident than before. In addition, they will surely help you develop your singing voice and remove bad voice.

Be Passionate

What good is your singing if you aren’t passionate about it? As they say, music is the expression of the soul. Feel the song and let those emotions radiate among the audience.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you are done with the basics, make sure you practice regularly. Your favorite singers have also developed that nightingale voice with perseverance and practice. Learn from your mistakes and savor while you sing.

Entice your Audience with a Blockbuster Song Theme

No one is perfect in this world. Few singers inherit a poor singing ability but their physical appearance, enticing lyrics, confidence, stage presence, enthralls the audience. If they have an appealing song, spectators won’t notice any pitch errors, poor tone, and other weak technicalities. Craft a composition that becomes irresistible for the listeners. Here are 5 hacks of picking up a great song theme:

Go for a General Topic

If you have observed keenly, you’ll notice that LOVE songs haven’t diminished with age. Regardless of any day, you check-Love songs turn out to be smash hits on the Billboard charts. You have to turn the tables around by twisting this topic. Though Love sells but it won’t necessarily work if you tell everyone you love someone. Audiences look for something specific. Design the song into a story that interests them and makes them inquisitive. But it has to be meaningful at the same time.

Don’t Wait too Long for an Inspiration

Some writers keep waiting and waiting for an inspiration or an idea. Every individual has an idol or someone he adores, scribble about them at the drop of a hat. Sometimes certain situations emotionally interest you, pen it down into a song. Don’t wait for weeks together for an idea to appear magically. Gear your creativity the year around!

Consider your Audience

When choosing the song topic, it is crucial to consider who your audience is and for what purpose, the crowd is gathered?  If you are writing a song for all ages, ensure that your lyrics don’t contain any offensive content. Every individual has distinct likings and they share a different opinion, so err on the caution side.

In the nutshell, there are plenty of ways to approach ravishing a song theme that make your song inimitable. When you plan to reach out to a wider audience, explore human emotions, consider picking a theme and express it in a way that the audience connects with you!


Great Vocal Techniques to a Better Voice

All of us are bathroom singers, but none of us have developed amazing vocal techniques that result to great singing. Let’s be honest, voice quality of an individual is different from the other. Some are pleasing and some aren’t. The point is, there exist plenty of naturally good singers who have no proper training but incorporate the capability of raising their voice level and lower it as per requirement to sound great. Singers keep exploring new ways to enhance volume and eliminate nasality.

Are you passionate about singing but considering yourself less talented than other? Fret not, we have you covered. Perfecting these tips will guide you in the right direction of becoming a better singer.

Improve your posture

Are you one of those who subconsciously have a bad posture? If yes, this one is especially for you. Posture is an integral technique that will help you improve your vocals. Wondering how? It is important to align your body in the accurate position in order to support your sound. You ought to be stress-free. A nervous or stressful mind restricts airflow thereby resulting in a pathetic performance. Ensure you stand with chest lifted up giving your lungs plenty of room and shoulders stretched back.

Water- drink tons of it

Everyone is aware of the fact that drinking water is good for health, but did you know it also enhances your singing capability. Singing is directly related to your mucous membrane and it functions the best when the whole body is hydrated. Without sufficient amount of water, your voice might sound nasally making it difficult to hit certain notes. Try drinking at least 7 glasses of water everyday.

Stay calm and composed

Your body shouldn’t experience any kind of pain while you sing. If it does, it shouldn’t be visible on your face during a performance. If you are having difficulty in trying to hit a high or low note, you probably have to do something more in your range. Regardless of how good or bad your breath is you still won’t l be able to hit certain notes properly.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, these vocal techniques promise to benefit you and take your singing skills to the next level.

How To Boost Your Singing Performance On Stage?

Singing doesn’t only mean to listen to your favorite singer and sing the way they perform.  In order to make you perfect in singing, you need to learn each and every tactic to boost your singing performance and talent. Watching our favorite singer performing on TV makes us feel like a singer.  This surely helps us to learn a number of things that we can add into our singing style to horn our skill set.  Before getting into this field there are numbers of questions that comes to your minds such as how to sing with a band or solo?  How to memorize lyrics?  How to make your singing convincing? These questions should be answered in time to make you perform confidently on stage.

Here are some of the suggestions, following which you can improve your singing and become the next singing star of the music industry.

  1. To make your audience feel your singing, you must enjoy the feeling of being on stage instead of getting nervous. Always put your energy in your songs when you are on stage, not just in dancing,
  2. Rehearse as much as you can to build your confidence moreover, to make you ready for all situations. Also, keep it in a mind, before you go to the stage, avoid rehearsing, again and again, this will make you feel low and unsure.
  3. While singing, remind you the next line to get the right sense of spontaneity to your performance. Moreover, this will help you to end your first line in an appropriate manner.
  4. When you are on stage feel the song in a way that it makes your audience understand your character and the emotional path of the story.
  5. As we all know remembering lyrics is a challenging job. In order to make them stick, try to make your own detailed analyses of words and their meanings.

Keeping these points in mind, enhance your singing skills, boost your singing performance and kick start your singing career.


It is one of the most common saying, “Music speaks, when words fail”. As we all know, music has the power to console every broken heart. This is the most creative passion in which one brings forth their feelings, expressions and thoughts. The craze for singing is increasing rapidly among the people of all ages. Most of us have a passion to become popular through their songs so that they can rock the music industry one day and increase their money making power. However, each one is failed to recognize the fact behind their singing talent. No is familiar with an idea the songs they are singing is not only makes them famous but is a good source of generating maximum amount.

Once writing or singing is done, your song can be downloaded, sold, and streamed. This entire means that you are generating songwriter royalties for you. Today in the music industry, songwriters can earn millions for full-time living from their singing and songwriting skills.

Well, songwriters can earn royalties in number of ways that are categorized as Physical/Analog songwriter Royalties and Digital Songwriter Royalties. These further include different ways which are outlined as follows: –

Mechanical Royalties

This is one best way which is very common in the market. We all know that CDS & DVDs are the ultimate way to sell your songs. Whenever a unit is sold, a singer or writer gets mechanical royalty as their income. The royalty rate depends according to the currency rate.

Analog Royalties

In this, you can make money by performing live. Public performance is the best way that helps you to get maximum amount. Whenever you play at the local pubs or your song gets radio play you can earn money. The royalty rate can be fixed with the negotiation between PRO and the entity where the performance occurs.

Print Royalties—Printed material

As in this case, royalty can be generated from the public display copyright. There’s no government rate for this royalty—it’s a one-to-one negotiation.

In this way, you can see how a singer can get benefited from his singing talent and increase his/her money making power.