Tips On How To Enter In Singing Competitions!

Are you interested in making your career in singing competitions? If yes, then you must be in search of the great platform and guide that can help you to become the next singing star. Before you make a start always go for the search to figure out all about the company for which you are auditioning.

Check out all the necessary details that the singing competition is all about what.   Are they looking for an all rounder entertainer or singing stars? Well, at this point internet can serve your needs. You can surf the internet sitting in the comfort of your home.   Whenever you want to make a start have a look at the following questions to clear your doubts:

  • Reputation of an organizer in the market
  • Must know about the jury
  • What will be the prize money?
  • What is the procedure to apply
  • Do you know how to apply to be a part of the competition?
  • Are you aware that how many categories are going to be there? In which category you fall?
  • How is this competition going to change your life?

This is not enough, apart from this, it is also necessary to figure out all about the life of the previous winners. This helps you to know a lot about the company is it really a compelling platform or not? Will it give you a chance to work with many other companies to help you reach the pinnacle of success? Depending upon this entire information makes your decision, whether to take a part in singing competitions or not? Well, if the entire search is providing you a positive response then, start preparing for your style of performance. Hurry up!

5 Tips to Prepare Your Voice Before A Live Performance!

Performing in front of a live audience is a challenging task and, it is completely ok if you are nervous. Musicians like Elvis Presley also had nervous attacks during his performances but, it ultimately made him evolve him as a better singer. Feeling anxiety before your stage performance might just prepare your voice and help you in delivering a great show.

Apart from this, there are other few tips that’ll help you in getting ready when you are about to give a performance. Let’s have a look at them:

Keep your throat hydrated:

Drink water in regular and short interval of time. Keep it as a rule to consume up to 8-9 glasses of water on daily basis. Moreover you can also create a mixture of lemon and honey to lubricate your voice.

Try Home-made recipes to prep your voice:

If your throat feels a little soar, take mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey. This mixture will help in killing the bacteria and sooth the throat for your better performance.

Warm-up before you sing:

This is a step that should be done just before your performance. In a normal pitch, start rehearsing your song. Make sure that you do not sing in extremely high pitch as you might end up straining your voice.

Keep a check on your diet:

Not only it is important to consider what you drink but what you eat is equally accountable. Junk food like pizza and pasta can dry up your throat and make your throat sour. Green vegetables lubricate your vocals and also increase your ability to sing and breathe properly.


As we all know, practice is the key to success. Make sure you practice every day to improve your singing ability.

By performing these simple 5 steps you can physically prepare your voice. You’ll surely notice the difference in your voice once you start following these simple steps. If you think you are ready for a stage performance, send your entries in singing competitions. Get maximum votes and stand a chance to win $3,000.

Virtues of Singing Competitions

Nothing feels better than getting paid for your expertise. Internet and mass media have contributed in making the world a massive stage and billions of people, your audience. Singing competitions have blossomed to their all time highs in last decade. Online singing competitions have emerged out of nowhere and have become as prestigious as broadcast media singing competitions.

We still can remember clearly how a YouTube singing sensation turned from ashes to stars known as Justin Bieber.

  • Online singing competitions are organized at various levels depending on hit rate of websites and brands associated with them.
  • These types of singing competitions are almost free to be entered so they include a diverse type of candidature and singing genre. They have usually standardized equipment and software usage hence ensuring fair and square competition among all sections of society.
  • Deciding factors are variable as some online singing competitions have their own panel of judges while others decide on basis of public appeal in form of likes, votes or any assessment unit provided to users.
  • Along with getting exposure and fame on a free platform, winning singer gets monetary benefits and a memento in form of a trophy.
  • Bonus benefits of this online popularity is getting immense followers on singer’s YouTube channel hence getting a fixed or increasing compensation from YouTube for operating their channel. There is also a fair chance to get direct entry in any mass media organized singing competition or possibly a singing contract.
  • Positive social signs play a vital role in getting contracts and singing opportunities. Those social signs start from taking part in online singing competitions.

Other type of singing competitions are those considered under reality TV. Working mechanism of those competitions is also same along with some added benefits. On a level where there are only a few singers left, as public image projection teams take charge so a positive image goes out. This makes a singer a bigger personality in social circle.

Every budding singing talent must give a chance to his career by taking part in such competitions.

How to Make a Start in a Singing Career

Many people dream about to become a singer at their early age. Some of them actually pursue in this singing career and fulfill their dreams. Though, it seems to be exciting that you get a chance to become a famous personality. However, it involves great dedication, hard work and sacrifices to reach the heights of success. For many aspiring singers, singing and performing is more about the passion and less about the money. Well, if you have a passion for singing, then there are a number of things you need to know to make a fresh start in singing industry.

Let’s have a look at the points that can greatly increase your chances of reaching your big break: –

1. Build your singing skills: – Before launching your singing career it is imperative that you must be familiar with your skills and talent. Moreover, you need to figure out that for what kind of singing you are perfect such as Solo, as a Lead or a Backup Singer.

2. Perform and Sing as much as possible: – This helps to increase your confidence level and you become confident enough to perform in front of a large number of audiences. You can contact with the various colleges and universities to perform live there. The best way to polish your singing passion is to audition as much as you can. This provides you a chance to perform in front of experienced singers and moreover, you can learn many things from them that help you to improve your singing skills.

3. Link up Musicians to show your talent: – Always try to get involved in the music events that are happening in your area. This gives you a chance to interact with others musicians to become friends with them. Well, you can also publicize your events in the newspapers to let people know about you.

4. Trying Alternative routes: – Enter a singing competition this is a great place to begin. In addition to this, you can use music distributor sites. These sites allow you to publish your songs or album on the websites.

By considering these points, you can rock your singing passion and can become the top most singer.

Fillip Your Career by Entering In Singing Competitions

Singing competitions help you to develop your vocal skills. Everyone is quite apprehensive when it comes to performing in front of audience. No matter if it is a small gathering or a huge crowd, the anxiety that you feel while performing is something that you have to turn into self-confidence. Do not doubt yourself if any of your stage performance is wrecked because with every step there is something new that you learn.

If you are still wondering the importance of singing competitions, here we are listing the top advantages that’ll help you in filliping your career:

Builds in confidence

Singing competitions help you judge your performance. If you self analyze your work, there are a lot of things you’ll notice about your performance. Moreover, nervousness is a basic human reaction that is exhibited when the performer feels that people are watching and judging. Competitions help you overcome these mindsets and developing self confidence that is very important for personal growth.


There is no other reward better than experience. Music industry is full of opportunities if you take up the right path. When you perform in front of the audience no matter what the strength is, you develop experience. Obviously, there are mistakes but these mistakes will help you grow and help you gain experience.

Developing a good voice

In singing competitions there is judge’s feedback that matters. Whether you win or not, your true motive for entering in the competition should be learning something from the whole experience and developing a voice that makes you better from the rest.


Singing competitions help in getting exposure as they are the best platform where music experts can see you performing. Apart from all your talents, sometimes all you require to become a professional signer is exposure.

All these points will help you immensely in developing the right skills for your career. Register your names in singing competitions and start your journey to success.

Tips to Prepare Yourself For Singing Contests

Have you ever taken part in any singing contests? If yes, then you would be familiar with the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach or even stage fright. No matter, how brilliant a singer you are, it’s always scary to sing before a panel of judges. Not everyone can make it through every round to impress the judges. It is eventually one person who wins the show.

Well, if you want to be the next singing superstar, then here are some effective tips to ace singing competitions. Let’s have a look at the tips given below:

Be Extremely Well-Prepared For The Initial Round 

Being prepared doesn’t mean that you have practiced over night and now you are ready to sing a song in front of judges. There are many other things which you need to take care of. To make an impression, always be ready at the word ‘GO’ to start at the right time and in the right manner.

Choose a Suitable Song For Auditions

Never sing your best song right at the start of the singing contests. The reason behind this is that judges always look for something surprising from the contestants as the competition goes on. Select the songs that help you showcase the unique quality of your voice and reserve your best songs for the last rounds.

Dress Appropriately for a Good Impression

For better performance, you must know how to dress in accordance with the image you want to portray through your song. It is very important to create an image that suits you as a singer on the stage.

Show Originality In Your Songs

Presently, judges are more interested in looking out for fresh and real talent. You need to inject your character and singing style to the songs you sing.

Use Your Stage Well

Always plan your moves on the stage to cater to the audiences in the left, right and center sections of the concert venue. This will help you make sufficient eye contact with the judges to connect with them.

With these effective tips, there will be no stopping you from becoming the next singing superstar.

5 Singing Tips for Beginners

Becoming a professional singer might be tough, but with the right guidance and practice, anyone can master this art. Here are the top 5 singing tips for beginners.

1) Decide on what kind of singing suits you

This completely depends on the kind of music that you like. You can choose pop, jazz, hip-hop, rock; anything that moves you and inspires you.

2) Find the right teacher

Finding a mentor is the key to success. You can learn the tips and tricks of singing with the right teacher. But, don’t be disheartened if you don’t find one, after all practice makes a man perfect.

3) Invest in yourself

We don’t mean financially but take out some “me” time for yourself. Take time to judge your talent. How long will it take you to be like someone you idolize? Well, these questions can only be answered by investing in your own self.

4) Be Original

This can be listed as one of the most important tips. No matter who you idolize, do not let it reflect in your songs. However, the choice is all yours while song selection, but if you are singing the song make sure you do not imitate it like the original singer or someone else you like.

5) Get Copyrights for your songs

It is always preferable to stay clear in legal terms, especially when it comes to your talent and hard-work. You can showcase your talent, but can’t let anyone steal it from you. If you are posting your original lyrics on a platform, where people around the globe can read it, make sure you register for copyrights first.

For music lovers who have written and sung songs, we have exciting singing competitions. Submit your entries today, and who knows you might win big.