How to Start Your Singing Career?

If you’ve always day-dreamt to be a singer, you can undoubtedly make it happen. It feels great to be on the radio or to make CDs and record in the studio. Don’t sit idle in the hope that you’ll get discovered someday. Have faith in yourself and go for it. Here is how to get started with your singing career.

Keep improving

Register yourself in local singing courses with the best tutors you find in your area. You can find teachers at music schools, colleges or local voice tutors. Try a few until you experience a compatibility level. Ensure you practice 2-3 hours every day and become as good as you can. Never stop trying to get better at singing.

Sing in public

Pick 4-5 favorite songs and start performing everywhere you can. Colleges, churches, parks, fairs, markets or anywhere you think you can. Sing in family events. Did you spot an upset neighbor, friend or family member? Sing for them. Continuous singing amongst a mass builds self-confidence and curtails stage fear.


Look for the local music scene and be a part of it. Every town has a band of singers or musicians playing somewhere. Mix with them and ask them to give you singing or performing tips. Engage yourself in concerts, watch people perform and observe how they make stage presence. Learn how to get connected with the audience while giving a class performance. Hover over YouTube to watch celebrity singing videos but turn off the sound and make note of their facial expressions, gestures and body language.

Participate in Singing Competitions

Upload your singing video in an online singing competition or manually participate in a singing competition that is being held in your town. Go get auditioned, you never know what destiny unfolds for you.

Start your channel

Internet is a great way to promote yourself. Many have managed to become famous by posting singing videos. Showcase your talent to the world by indulging in social media platforms. Build your website, Facebook page and keep updating it with links of your latest performances.

Many people struggle to become a famous singer in the competitive landscape. Never lose sight of your goals, conquer your fears, challenge yourself everyday, you never know when you may get noticed by a talent agent right away. Swipe up any chance to shake up the spotlight and build your singing career!