Know About the Copyright Laws in the US

In many cases that creativity and passion of a person can turn around resulting in a great business for them. Moreover, when we talk about the music industry, your excellence is only possible when you love music to bits and believe to creating songs that you like. Having said that, uniqueness and originality is one thing that captures the largest audience towards you, therefore, do not let anyone steal the thunder of your work. By this we do not mean your talent, but simply your work. To consider this issue keenly, copyright laws in the US got introduced long back in 1790, which stated the author of a work is its copyright owner. This created a fair right of authors and creators on their work the moment their work is in fixed in a tangible way.

You can register for copyright once you have completed your work and are present with you in a tangible form. If you are in the recorded music business, there are two types of copyrights that might interest you:

1.Copyrights on the song composition: This right generally focuses on the song composition and includes the music, harmony, melody and much more. In addition to that, the song lyrics are also included

2.Copyrights on the sound recording: This relates to the sound recording copyright symbol that relates to the music in physical forms, such as, audiotapes, cassettes, compact discs, and more.

Registering a copyright is not as complex as sounds. The United State Copyright Office states that all you need to keep with yourself is the registration fee and a copy of the copyrighted material. Once you have submitted this in the office, a certification would be issued and you can take advantage of the benefits.

Therefore, do not let your talent go to vein and register for copyrights as soon as possible. Send your entries to us and register in the upcoming songwriter competition and stand a chance to win $3,000.