Keep your Songwriting Clean and Basic to Enthrall the Audience

You must have recently heard a soothing song with perfect lyrics. It costs an arm and leg to compose fabulous song lyrics. Ensure your songwriting is as good as it can be all the time. Try and keep your lyrics as simple as you can. At the same time, it doesn’t mean nonsensical or adding fluff. You just have to maintain some clarity so it becomes easy for your listeners to understand and they don’t end up doing mental gymnastics.

In an attempt to try something different, don’t compose weird song structure. Although there is nothing wrong in trying new stuff, you run the risk of overwriting that results to be too much for the listeners. Here are certain hacks of great songwriting:

  • Plan Well

Embed the basic structure in your mind. This is an unproblematic way to make sure your song stays simple and easy to digest by the listeners. Structuring your song in the perfect way helps maintain simplicity and allows listeners to understand the message that is being delivered. With this, the ball will be in your court as they will memorize your song in a very short time span and obviously you want your song to be catchy. Don’t you?

  • Compile Your Thoughts

If you decide to write something but are deprived of ideas, don’t even start with it. Stick to your thoughts and don’t throw aimless darts and end up with a meaningless composition. If you are inspired by a person, a recent happening, personal experience and plan to write something regarding the same, go for it at the drop of a hat. Determine a reason before you start and keep coming back until you are done.

  • Stay Focused

Do unnecessary thoughts keep hitting you all day? Most of the times, the mind keeps wandering but you need to stay focused. While you write, don’t overthink the lyrics of the song. At times, audiences will applaud you for something you thought won’t work. On the contrary, what you think is perfect may turn them off. Before the final lyrics, let your friends listen what you have scribbled. A little pat on your back will boost your confident.

Every cloud has its lining so don’t lose heart and get back to the drawing board. Rightly said, practice makes a man perfect. Burning the midnight oil will definitely give you fruitful results.