What Do Judges Look For in a Singing Competition?

For those you have a habit of taking part in a singing competition would be aware of the fact that getting through the initial audition is a piece of a cake. After all, you have to sing that one song well and you’ll most probably make it through. However, you’ve to pull up your socks to survive in the competition. Not many of you may keep impressing the judges and make it through round after round till the grand finale.

Plan to conquer the singing contest? Here is how you can:

It is extremely important to make it through the initial audition and mesmerize the judges with your voice. Making an impression in the first go plays a vital role otherwise all your hard work would amount to nothing. Reserve the best song for the later rounds of the competition. Hold back on displaying your full potential and show your skills as the contest progresses, so as to keep surprising the judges.

Hit The Nail On The Head

In most singing contests, judges are always looking out for versatile singers, someone who incorporates the ability to handle a variety of song genres and repertoire. Rock the stage by showing some versatility and master a few genres so that you have a handful of skills to utilize during the competitive rounds.

Know Your Competition Well

Before taking part in the singing competition, thoroughly understand it and know your target audience. You never know there may be hidden music industry member that is looking out for the next biggest star so choose songs that showcase your unique personality. Don’t be a copy cat and mimic the exact style of the celebrity. Wisely decide what kind of songs will give you the greatest advantage. Judges are always looking out for fresh talent that takes on popular cover songs so ecstatically sing a song that reflects your personality. You may have to ring the bells and whistles to win the competition.