How to Record Vocals At Home

Constructing a home studio may be tricky. But don’t fear, there will include ways to make the home studio a comfy area to Record Vocals. Below are 5 ways of immediately improving your vocal recordings in your home studio.

Studio headphones

Be certain you’re able to supply client’s quality headphones in order for them to correctly observe the mix then record over backing tracks. Buy two pairs so the band’s guitarist or producer can follow along with your recording.

Talk-back functionality

This includes a word used to define a microphone activated as an engineer has a desire to speak with the performer in an additional room in between takes. Typically, this microphone is directly routed into the mix in order for you to easily deactivate it and activate it without actual patching involved.

Vocal shield/pop filter

A vital word to be familiar with is “plosive.” It’s the sound the vocalist makes while pronouncing a “P” sound. The sound will cause microphones to make a popping sound because of a high stream of air leaving a singer’s mouth. Those pops typically are full of a low end and may cause abnormalities within the fidelity of a vocal track. Vocal shields and pop filters may be utilized to break that air up as well as protect the signal’s quality in order for your vocal to be even and clean throughout.


Quality pre-amps are expensive, yet if you are just recording vocals at the home-studio, it is worth your investment. Pro-sumer devices are worth the investment.

A portable recording booth

If recording vocals inside a room that is surrounded by drywall that is untreated, you might not generate the expected quality sound. Untreated rooms will reflect sound back and forth and back into your microphone. Those artifacts are detrimental to the sound as well as lead to the vocal recording degrading in quality. To avoid the problem, get a portable booth which helps in isolating a singer’s voice from reflecting off all walls and back inside the microphone.

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