Entice your Audience with a Blockbuster Song Theme

No one is perfect in this world. Few singers inherit a poor singing ability but their physical appearance, enticing lyrics, confidence, stage presence, enthralls the audience. If they have an appealing song, spectators won’t notice any pitch errors, poor tone, and other weak technicalities. Craft a composition that becomes irresistible for the listeners. Here are 5 hacks of picking up a great song theme:

Go for a General Topic

If you have observed keenly, you’ll notice that LOVE songs haven’t diminished with age. Regardless of any day, you check-Love songs turn out to be smash hits on the Billboard charts. You have to turn the tables around by twisting this topic. Though Love sells but it won’t necessarily work if you tell everyone you love someone. Audiences look for something specific. Design the song into a story that interests them and makes them inquisitive. But it has to be meaningful at the same time.

Don’t Wait too Long for an Inspiration

Some writers keep waiting and waiting for an inspiration or an idea. Every individual has an idol or someone he adores, scribble about them at the drop of a hat. Sometimes certain situations emotionally interest you, pen it down into a song. Don’t wait for weeks together for an idea to appear magically. Gear your creativity the year around!

Consider your Audience

When choosing the song topic, it is crucial to consider who your audience is and for what purpose, the crowd is gathered?  If you are writing a song for all ages, ensure that your lyrics don’t contain any offensive content. Every individual has distinct likings and they share a different opinion, so err on the caution side.

In the nutshell, there are plenty of ways to approach ravishing a song theme that make your song inimitable. When you plan to reach out to a wider audience, explore human emotions, consider picking a theme and express it in a way that the audience connects with you!