How to Deal with “I Can’t Finish a song” Syndrome?

Music is the meaning of life. It is the best way to express your feelings and people connect with it easily. Are you a passionate songwriter who loves penning down lyrics but don’t know how to finish them (“I can’t finish a song” Syndrome)? Fret not, we have you covered.

Most of us think that people with a little sense of music have an inborn ability or a special gift from god. To become a good buff you need to understand how music works. Music is in everyone’s DNA.

A song is derived from imagination. You may be one of them who scribble lyrics to create a unique musical journey. Have you lately found out that everything you try to write has a great start but a non-existent finish? You begin confidently and later everything frizzles. Your infinite attempts are all in vain with nothing completed to show for your efforts. And this may make you question yourself, Am I really a songwriter? If so, why do I lack the ability to actually see it through to completion? Don’t worry, here is how to overcome this problem.

Thoroughly Understand The Song Structure

If you spent 5-10 minutes writing the song that is going quite well, and then you get stumped because you are clueless what to happen next, this is a clear symptom that you are unable to understand how songs are designed.

Solution: Take out an hour or so every day to read good song’s lyrics. Eventually, you’ll realize, every song will have a unique feature that is making it a great hit. Understand how a song should unfold and make sure you analyze the structure.

You Feel Uninspired

Many times you can’t think what’s supposed to happen next. Maybe you aren’t feeling the same excitement for the song that you felt when you started it.

Solution: Keep the spirits high by hearing your favorite music and think if they can write, so can I. Don’t just randomly listen, pinpoint what excites you. By finding out what excites you helps to do something similar in your own music.

Too Many Ideas Messes It Up

Least repetition should go into a song. Many verses and chorus melodies take short 1-2 ideas that get repeated over a changing chord progression.

Solution: Draft a short, catchy idea and keep singing it over and over again. You will eventually realize you have created an entire verse with little effort.

No matter what happens to the song, never throw away the lyrics you’ve written because you will never get back those ideas that came flooding over at a particular time. Have patience and don’t get discouraged because of “I can’t finish a song” syndrome!