How to Deal with “I Can’t Finish a song” Syndrome?

Music is the meaning of life. It is the best way to express your feelings and people connect with it easily. Are you a passionate songwriter who loves penning down lyrics but don’t know how to finish them (“I can’t finish a song” Syndrome)? Fret not, we have you covered.

Most of us think that people with a little sense of music have an inborn ability or a special gift from god. To become a good buff you need to understand how music works. Music is in everyone’s DNA.

A song is derived from imagination. You may be one of them who scribble lyrics to create a unique musical journey. Have you lately found out that everything you try to write has a great start but a non-existent finish? You begin confidently and later everything frizzles. Your infinite attempts are all in vain with nothing completed to show for your efforts. And this may make you question yourself, Am I really a songwriter? If so, why do I lack the ability to actually see it through to completion? Don’t worry, here is how to overcome this problem.

Thoroughly Understand The Song Structure

If you spent 5-10 minutes writing the song that is going quite well, and then you get stumped because you are clueless what to happen next, this is a clear symptom that you are unable to understand how songs are designed.

Solution: Take out an hour or so every day to read good song’s lyrics. Eventually, you’ll realize, every song will have a unique feature that is making it a great hit. Understand how a song should unfold and make sure you analyze the structure.

You Feel Uninspired

Many times you can’t think what’s supposed to happen next. Maybe you aren’t feeling the same excitement for the song that you felt when you started it.

Solution: Keep the spirits high by hearing your favorite music and think if they can write, so can I. Don’t just randomly listen, pinpoint what excites you. By finding out what excites you helps to do something similar in your own music.

Too Many Ideas Messes It Up

Least repetition should go into a song. Many verses and chorus melodies take short 1-2 ideas that get repeated over a changing chord progression.

Solution: Draft a short, catchy idea and keep singing it over and over again. You will eventually realize you have created an entire verse with little effort.

No matter what happens to the song, never throw away the lyrics you’ve written because you will never get back those ideas that came flooding over at a particular time. Have patience and don’t get discouraged because of “I can’t finish a song” syndrome!

Are You Aware of Different Singing Styles?

You all must have been singing since you discovered your voice. Of course, many things have changed since then. Varied cultures across the globe came up with their own scales and modes, plus different type of singing styles emerged.

Music genres are diverse and varied as the cultures themselves. Different genres present unique challenges for singers. Here is a list of the most common singing styles and how to sing them.


Music is food and pop is candy. It’s fun but not funny. Romantic yet not emotional. With dance and rhythm at its heart, this style has dominated the music industry.


Learn how to control your vibrato without getting stressed. Experiment with varied vocal sounds like short popping sounds. Focus on your stage movements and gestures and dance a little to set the mood right.


Rock is the grandchild of the blues. Rock and roll is heavier and more dance-ably rhythm. It grew up t o become harsh, rougher and edgier.


Experiment with different vocal flairs like a growling sound at the end but make sure you don’t overdo it. Practice singing a huge range of dynamics from whispers to high notes.

Opera/ Classical

This style is always considered as the most formal and restrictive of all genres of singing as it requires the greatest amount of freedom. It is sung with uncontrolled vibrato and emotional release. Lack of intimacy with the audience makes it the least conversational of all genres. It gives the audience the impression of admiring astonishing paintings from afar.


Don’t imitate an opera singer simply sing with an open and free voice. Practice, practice, and practice. Don’t force or try to create it. Get connected with a tutor to become a perfectionist.


Songs with clear speech level and distinct consonants come under jazz genre while blues singing has rough and rootsy edges with a unique accent.


Experiment with different vocal sounds like scatting and pitch slides. Study up chromatic scales.

Hip Hop

The rhythmic rhyming singing accompanied with rapping and beat boxing is termed as hip hop style of singing. The genre has grown steadily and gained popularity over the years. The apparent origins are funk, disco, reggae, and blues.

Tips: Carefully listen to funk, disco, reggae, soul, gospel and old-school hip hop songs. Don’t become a rapper, simply switch between singing and speaking to maintain the versatility. Never be afraid of experimenting or wordplay. Make your own unique signature singing styles.

Despite the different music genres, one thing connects them all that is love that the audience has. Practice makes a man perfect. Listen carefully and keep your ears open because that’s what makes a real artist.

How to Become a Confident Singer?

I’m a great bathroom singer, but singing in front of a crowd, are you crazy? Does this sound familiar?
If you have inborn nightingale voice you will be the one confident Singer that sings in front of the audience. It’s cool if you are one of those. But if you are someone who panics while singing in a crowd, you have are lacking in confidence both physically and psychologically. Your creativity shatters and you underperform when you are nervous.

Work On Your Confidence Level

For others breathing techniques or hitting notes may be important but having high-self esteem also plays a key role in captivating the audience. Sing without being scared, without turning your face red, without a locking jaw, without sweaty hands and most importantly retaining control of your body.

Why Do You Freak Out?

Most of you will agree that freaking out on stage is because you know we are being judged. You are being judged on something you love passionately and this makes the whole scenario 10 times worse. Thoughts can be changed. Life is too short to worry about what others think but it’s difficult for you to change your mindset once you are on stage.

How to Control Your Nervousness?

When you open your mouth, words should flow flawlessly. In addition to consistency, you have to be happy with the sound that comes out of you. This understanding will amplify your belief in your skills and assures that you are more likely to impress judges and captivate the audience. Never think someone else got there before you. Believe in yourself and steal the show with a rocking performance.

Certain things may sound gibberish but do give them a shot. You are likely to accomplish a task when you think you will. Give it a shot and see the sweat in your hands magically drying up, right in front of your eyes, then your journey to becoming a confident singer begins.

Sing Better Than Ever With these 6 Singing Tips!

If you really wish to make it big in singing, it requires dedication, patience, hard work, perseverance and other singing tips to fearlessly perform on the stage.

Music is food for the soul. It creates a sense of unity among individuals. People often resemble music with their real life incidents, hence, making it a fabric of their lives. There is something with the music which develops with simple augmentation of our regular voice tone and words giving it a rhythm. Music dwells bringing out the emotions and toning the memories intentionally.

Today, singing is passion for many. Every person has a unique style in voice complimenting the singing platform. Standing alone, shining bright and putting up a great show isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It needs emotional power as well as articulation.

If you have always dreamt of making a career in singing, then you must look for a great platform to display your talent. Singing a song on a stage in a singing contest  is not a big thing but engaging the audience is. You have to steal the show by winning their heart and making them sing along. If you really wish to make it big in singing, it requires dedication, patience, hard work, perseverance to fearlessly perform on the stage.

Here are some of the best possible suggestions for enhancing your singing skills while you aspire to become a renowned singer:

  1. Look for an experienced professional who makes it a point to polish your voice each passing day. Make it a habit to practice in front of the mirror and observe your expressions.
  2. You should control your hands and movements of the body parts while performing and during rehearsals by keeping your jaws open and relaxed back.. Contemporary singing requires no vibrations.
  3. Stick to the lyrics to gain attention of the audience while performing by analyzing the details of every word in the song. Ensure that you pronounce each word correctly.
  4. Understand the song and let your emotions flow during a live performance to get appreciation from the audience.
  5. Rehearse each day and build your confidence, pull up your socks and be ready for any situation that may suddenly intrude.
  6. Prepare your song well with perfection so that you can start and stop each line with appropriation.

Triumph over your fears and polish your singing skills. Don’t feel shy rather make it a point to chirp and warble like a nightingale. Indulge yourself completely into music and then sky is the limit for you.

How to Overcome Stage Fright while Singing?

Shaking hands dripping with sweat, cracking voice, collapsing legs, drowning heart with a powerful thumping are all symptoms of stage fright. When you have that before your performance, the audience notices the same and discuss among one another what a loser you are.

Most performers have had ‘performance anxiety’ better known as stage fear at one time or the other. Sometimes you really can’t help yourself at being a little nervous and it’s absolutely alright. Imagine the band is playing its gig, you get on the stage to sing but your rapidly beating heart is making it difficult for you to breathe. All this is making you more anxious and instead of concentrating on your performance you’re trying to calm down yourself. Then suddenly your voice cracked and you sang flat because your throat is choked. Sounds familiar? Fret not! Apply these recommendations within your singing regimen and watch your anxieties disappearing within a due course.  Eventually, your confidence will explode allowing you to soar to an incredible voice.

The core problem of many is the lack of confidence. Confidence is the answer to overcoming stage fear thereby having amazing stage presence. You yourself have to build the ability to relax and it isn’t a great deal if you sometimes underperform. It may be uncomfortable at first but after repeating it things start flowing naturally. Proper preparation is the key to performing well. If you have gulped the lyrics of the song, you won’t have anything to be nervous about. Make sure you warm up before you get on the stage. If you have to sing on a stage, avoid consumption of alcohol.

There are only a handful of vocalists who assert they never get butterflies in their stomach before a stage performance. Addition apprehension to nervousness is definitely a harmful blend for virtually any singer. Let us be honest, if you end up being fearful, you miss out on a lot of fun. Insufficient focus triggers a performer to abstain from hitting accurate notes. Never underestimate yourself because stage fright can leave the audience with a bad taste in their mouth over you!

Become a Professional Singer: Tips that’ll Change Your Life

Did you dream of becoming a famous professional singer during your teenage years? Ever experienced the feeling of appreciation with applause from the audience and a thousand of fans? If so, what have you done to turn your dreams into reality? Since childhood, you might have heard people say that singing is one of the most challenging careers to undertake because it not only takes a lot of talent but also patience, dedication, and perseverance. Here is how to get set go!

Know the Right Technique

You should learn the right technique. Soothing and audible voice is a necessary criterion in beginning your journey as a singer.  Even if you own inherit singing talent, it is crucial to develop your vocals through training.

Build a Personality                     

As a potential celebrity, it is important to have a unique style that is distinct from others. This clearly means you need to strengthen particular areas so as to magnetize the audience. Make sure you perform naturally and don’t overdo it.

Set a Trademark

In order to stand out from the crowd, you ought to have a unique trademark. It may be a symbol, an expression, gesture, dance step, hairstyle or your dressing style.

Be Yourself

You have to be original. Try not exactly copy someone else you lose your own personality. If you constantly mimic others, you will be hidden in the shadow of others and not be seen as a professional singer.

Participate in Competitions

Grab every opportunity that comes your way. Explore yourself to the audience as much as possible. There is a long list of celebrities who started their singing career by being spotted by music industry personnel. Enroll yourself in online or manual singing contests to make it big.

Boost your self-esteem

You will put up a great show if you are confident and don’t bother about the stage fright. Believe in yourself and the world will follow.

What Do Judges Look For in a Singing Competition?

For those you have a habit of taking part in a singing competition would be aware of the fact that getting through the initial audition is a piece of a cake. After all, you have to sing that one song well and you’ll most probably make it through. However, you’ve to pull up your socks to survive in the competition. Not many of you may keep impressing the judges and make it through round after round till the grand finale.

Plan to conquer the singing contest? Here is how you can:

It is extremely important to make it through the initial audition and mesmerize the judges with your voice. Making an impression in the first go plays a vital role otherwise all your hard work would amount to nothing. Reserve the best song for the later rounds of the competition. Hold back on displaying your full potential and show your skills as the contest progresses, so as to keep surprising the judges.

Hit The Nail On The Head

In most singing contests, judges are always looking out for versatile singers, someone who incorporates the ability to handle a variety of song genres and repertoire. Rock the stage by showing some versatility and master a few genres so that you have a handful of skills to utilize during the competitive rounds.

Know Your Competition Well

Before taking part in the singing competition, thoroughly understand it and know your target audience. You never know there may be hidden music industry member that is looking out for the next biggest star so choose songs that showcase your unique personality. Don’t be a copy cat and mimic the exact style of the celebrity. Wisely decide what kind of songs will give you the greatest advantage. Judges are always looking out for fresh talent that takes on popular cover songs so ecstatically sing a song that reflects your personality. You may have to ring the bells and whistles to win the competition.

How to Sing if You Have a Bad Voice?

Many adore celebrities and wonder how amazingly they sing. You may be one of them who dream of singing on special occasions like birthdays, Christmas, reunions, and weddings..  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways on how to turn your bad voice into a good one.

Be Optimistic

Either you sing for a huge audience or for a small group, never loose on confidence. This will not only boost your self-esteem but will also curtail stage fear. If you constantly conscious about your looks, it is likely you lose focus of the song and hit a high or low note badly. Wipe away all thoughts that strike your mind and put on a great show. Remember, you will make a memory that you will cherish forever.

Singing Voice vs Speaking Voice

A singing tone always has a higher pitch than a speaking voice. This can only be achieved when you take proper training and learn breathing techniques. When you sing, your voice should come from the diaphragm and not from your throat. Singing voice cracks immediately when you sing high notes. Practice inhaling from the nose and push the stomach outwards.

Another important factor to consider is your voice tone. This is not important in chorus singing but your voice needs to blend when you sing solo. It won’t sound good if you sing a song in the same tone.

Get Voice Lessons

Singing doesn’t come with an age constraint. You can enroll in voice lessons whenever you desire. Vocal lessons help you teach the basics of learning making you more confident than before. In addition, they will surely help you develop your singing voice and remove bad voice.

Be Passionate

What good is your singing if you aren’t passionate about it? As they say, music is the expression of the soul. Feel the song and let those emotions radiate among the audience.

Practice Makes Perfect

When you are done with the basics, make sure you practice regularly. Your favorite singers have also developed that nightingale voice with perseverance and practice. Learn from your mistakes and savor while you sing.

Are You Aware of the Little Known Benefits of Singing?

Singing brings joy to many. After years of singing in the shower and humming tunes while driving, ever wondered if singing can lead to other surprising benefits of singing?

Enhances your mood

You’ll be surprised to know that it releases the same feel-good chemical that is released when you gobble a chocolate. Endorphins and Oxytocin hormones make you happy, reduces stress and curtails pain.

 A great workout

Proper breathing while singing is equivalent to a great aerobic workout. Yes, you are right; it is the one that works on the lungs. If this seems unbelievable, try singing for 30 minutes without a halt and then you’ll realize how good it feels. Find an empty space and sing your heart out as if you are a performer. To get into the mood, play the actual song in the background and sing as if you are addressing a huge crowd.

Your body language gets better

You put on a great show when you exactly know how to stand and deliver gestures to the audience that gives them the message you are willing to convey. If your chest cavity expands and shoulders are back aligned, you are improving on posture. When you get this right, you automatically inculcate it in your regime.

Eliminates stage fear

Stage fright is a common sight. Getting a pat on your back from friends and family members while you sing in social gathering is the key to overcoming your fear as it thereby boosts your self-esteem. Even if you are unwilling to become the lead vocalist or take up singing as a career, decent singing can help you hop in front for an occasionally sung song.

In the nutshell, the delights and benefits of singing go beyond the ecstatic beauty of your vocal talent. Whether you become a world-class singer or not, savor while you sing, have fun and do what you love!

How to Handle Success after Winning a Singing Contest?

Success is always overwhelming after a jolt of failure. When you achieve your dreams, you are likely to lose sight of what is right and wrong. Today you are on cloud nine because you have won a renowned singing contest and people have started knowing you.  If you wish to continue down the lane of success, you have to stay grounded. Fame shouldn’t be all about glamour, money and luxurious lifestyle.

You’ve hit the bullseye by winning the singing contest. All the hard work, endurance, dedication, perseverance has paid off and you have recently become an admired personality. You should be ecstatic because this is the best phase of your life, yet you’re not. What is the reason behind your worry? Are you frazzled because of the fear that this success may leave you some day and you’ll be right back where you started? Here are ways how the beast of fame and worry can be tamed.

Value your success

The feeling of humility needs to be cultivated within you. Cherish what you have and remember you didn’t achieve success only because of your efforts; there were several other contributing factors. Success caters a mixed bag of predicaments, some amazing, some daunting, some soul stirring and some frightening.

Embrace your loved ones

As you climb the stairs of success, it’s important to stay connected with those who were with you when you were nobody. Such people are true critics who constantly remind what you use to be and this saves you from turning into something bad.

Always be grateful

Instead of being arrogant or egoistic, stay generous. The feeling of gratitude helps you stay modest. Never forget to thank those who helped you achieve success especially your tutors and parents. Remember, if they didn’t sacrifice, you wouldn’t be standing where you are today.

Don’t be the overconfident rabbit of the race. When you are laughing, you should never forget there were times you cried. Just because you are in a better place now, never let success dazzle you and affect the intensity with which you accomplish your tasks. If you always keep reminding yourself about the humble beginning, you are likely to stay grounded and not let success get into your head.


How to Start Your Singing Career?

If you’ve always day-dreamt to be a singer, you can undoubtedly make it happen. It feels great to be on the radio or to make CDs and record in the studio. Don’t sit idle in the hope that you’ll get discovered someday. Have faith in yourself and go for it. Here is how to get started with your singing career.

Keep improving

Register yourself in local singing courses with the best tutors you find in your area. You can find teachers at music schools, colleges or local voice tutors. Try a few until you experience a compatibility level. Ensure you practice 2-3 hours every day and become as good as you can. Never stop trying to get better at singing.

Sing in public

Pick 4-5 favorite songs and start performing everywhere you can. Colleges, churches, parks, fairs, markets or anywhere you think you can. Sing in family events. Did you spot an upset neighbor, friend or family member? Sing for them. Continuous singing amongst a mass builds self-confidence and curtails stage fear.


Look for the local music scene and be a part of it. Every town has a band of singers or musicians playing somewhere. Mix with them and ask them to give you singing or performing tips. Engage yourself in concerts, watch people perform and observe how they make stage presence. Learn how to get connected with the audience while giving a class performance. Hover over YouTube to watch celebrity singing videos but turn off the sound and make note of their facial expressions, gestures and body language.

Participate in Singing Competitions

Upload your singing video in an online singing competition or manually participate in a singing competition that is being held in your town. Go get auditioned, you never know what destiny unfolds for you.

Start your channel

Internet is a great way to promote yourself. Many have managed to become famous by posting singing videos. Showcase your talent to the world by indulging in social media platforms. Build your website, Facebook page and keep updating it with links of your latest performances.

Many people struggle to become a famous singer in the competitive landscape. Never lose sight of your goals, conquer your fears, challenge yourself everyday, you never know when you may get noticed by a talent agent right away. Swipe up any chance to shake up the spotlight and build your singing career!

How to Put on a Show that will Hypnotize Your Audience?

Every singer experiences a good or a bad day. It’s par for the course. However, the motive of an aspiring singer is to put on a show and rock the stage during a singing contest even if his day is bad. It’s depressing when your voice punks on you or some personal stuff bothers you. However, you still have to put on a show that will enthrall the audience. That is when you become a real PERFORMER.

Now, how do you strut the stage while you are underwhelmed yourself? You got to have hacks up your sleeves. Well, performing is never about you, it’s always about your audience.

Turn on your Audience’s Energy

There will be times when you don’t want to perform because you may be battling with some inner demon or your health doesn’t support you. What’s important is the show must go on. Interestingly, public responds to your energy more than the musical acuity. So hit the nail on the head by turning it on. Eventually, you become far more resilient and the power slowly comes back in droves.

Make them Feel SPECIAL

In a singing contest, it’s all about how well you connect with your audience. Welcome them, tell them how glad you are to see them, talk about their city and express yourself to them. This not only makes meaningful bond but curtails the pressure off you while you perform.

Make them Sing Along

Nothing lights up the audience than singing along to a song. This is well suited for the chorus or if it has something like, ‘hey ya’. Rally the troop to hypnotize your audience.

Avoid the Boredom Trance

You are a great artist if you manage to captivate your audience with your lyrics and gestures. Implant story-telling and future-pacing in your song while you hypnotize your listeners giving them an experience that will revolutionize the way they think or feel.

Music is a moral law that gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to your imagination & gaiety to LIFE!

Entice your Audience with a Blockbuster Song Theme

No one is perfect in this world. Few singers inherit a poor singing ability but their physical appearance, enticing lyrics, confidence, stage presence, enthralls the audience. If they have an appealing song, spectators won’t notice any pitch errors, poor tone, and other weak technicalities. Craft a composition that becomes irresistible for the listeners. Here are 5 hacks of picking up a great song theme:

Go for a General Topic

If you have observed keenly, you’ll notice that LOVE songs haven’t diminished with age. Regardless of any day, you check-Love songs turn out to be smash hits on the Billboard charts. You have to turn the tables around by twisting this topic. Though Love sells but it won’t necessarily work if you tell everyone you love someone. Audiences look for something specific. Design the song into a story that interests them and makes them inquisitive. But it has to be meaningful at the same time.

Don’t Wait too Long for an Inspiration

Some writers keep waiting and waiting for an inspiration or an idea. Every individual has an idol or someone he adores, scribble about them at the drop of a hat. Sometimes certain situations emotionally interest you, pen it down into a song. Don’t wait for weeks together for an idea to appear magically. Gear your creativity the year around!

Consider your Audience

When choosing the song topic, it is crucial to consider who your audience is and for what purpose, the crowd is gathered?  If you are writing a song for all ages, ensure that your lyrics don’t contain any offensive content. Every individual has distinct likings and they share a different opinion, so err on the caution side.

In the nutshell, there are plenty of ways to approach ravishing a song theme that make your song inimitable. When you plan to reach out to a wider audience, explore human emotions, consider picking a theme and express it in a way that the audience connects with you!


Great Vocal Techniques to a Better Voice

All of us are bathroom singers, but none of us have developed amazing vocal techniques that result to great singing. Let’s be honest, voice quality of an individual is different from the other. Some are pleasing and some aren’t. The point is, there exist plenty of naturally good singers who have no proper training but incorporate the capability of raising their voice level and lower it as per requirement to sound great. Singers keep exploring new ways to enhance volume and eliminate nasality.

Are you passionate about singing but considering yourself less talented than other? Fret not, we have you covered. Perfecting these tips will guide you in the right direction of becoming a better singer.

Improve your posture

Are you one of those who subconsciously have a bad posture? If yes, this one is especially for you. Posture is an integral technique that will help you improve your vocals. Wondering how? It is important to align your body in the accurate position in order to support your sound. You ought to be stress-free. A nervous or stressful mind restricts airflow thereby resulting in a pathetic performance. Ensure you stand with chest lifted up giving your lungs plenty of room and shoulders stretched back.

Water- drink tons of it

Everyone is aware of the fact that drinking water is good for health, but did you know it also enhances your singing capability. Singing is directly related to your mucous membrane and it functions the best when the whole body is hydrated. Without sufficient amount of water, your voice might sound nasally making it difficult to hit certain notes. Try drinking at least 7 glasses of water everyday.

Stay calm and composed

Your body shouldn’t experience any kind of pain while you sing. If it does, it shouldn’t be visible on your face during a performance. If you are having difficulty in trying to hit a high or low note, you probably have to do something more in your range. Regardless of how good or bad your breath is you still won’t l be able to hit certain notes properly.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, these vocal techniques promise to benefit you and take your singing skills to the next level.

Keep your Songwriting Clean and Basic to Enthrall the Audience

You must have recently heard a soothing song with perfect lyrics. It costs an arm and leg to compose fabulous song lyrics. Ensure your songwriting is as good as it can be all the time. Try and keep your lyrics as simple as you can. At the same time, it doesn’t mean nonsensical or adding fluff. You just have to maintain some clarity so it becomes easy for your listeners to understand and they don’t end up doing mental gymnastics.

In an attempt to try something different, don’t compose weird song structure. Although there is nothing wrong in trying new stuff, you run the risk of overwriting that results to be too much for the listeners. Here are certain hacks of great songwriting:

  • Plan Well

Embed the basic structure in your mind. This is an unproblematic way to make sure your song stays simple and easy to digest by the listeners. Structuring your song in the perfect way helps maintain simplicity and allows listeners to understand the message that is being delivered. With this, the ball will be in your court as they will memorize your song in a very short time span and obviously you want your song to be catchy. Don’t you?

  • Compile Your Thoughts

If you decide to write something but are deprived of ideas, don’t even start with it. Stick to your thoughts and don’t throw aimless darts and end up with a meaningless composition. If you are inspired by a person, a recent happening, personal experience and plan to write something regarding the same, go for it at the drop of a hat. Determine a reason before you start and keep coming back until you are done.

  • Stay Focused

Do unnecessary thoughts keep hitting you all day? Most of the times, the mind keeps wandering but you need to stay focused. While you write, don’t overthink the lyrics of the song. At times, audiences will applaud you for something you thought won’t work. On the contrary, what you think is perfect may turn them off. Before the final lyrics, let your friends listen what you have scribbled. A little pat on your back will boost your confident.

Every cloud has its lining so don’t lose heart and get back to the drawing board. Rightly said, practice makes a man perfect. Burning the midnight oil will definitely give you fruitful results.

Songwriting Skills: The Style Secret Every Pro Should Know!

To excel in any field, you ought to master the craft. Same is applicable to become a great song writer with songwriting skills. Four basic elements make a good song- great vocals, exceptional delivery, breathtaking beats and mind-boggling lyrics.

Here are few hacks to become a class songwriter.

Have an Inspiration:

Inspiration is a spirit of creation. The fuel runs the creative engine of your mind. Every individual is unique, so inspirations vary from person to person. You can get inspired from sources like music, drinking, traveling, meditating, and more. One should always seek the healthier resource and understand that excellence come from experience.

Take Out Ample Time to Read:

Reading enhances your vocabulary and offers you a wide array of a topic to write on. Discover how word manipulation helps in-suite the message you want to get across. The more you boost your knowledge, better you write. Make a habit of reading newspapers, magazines, novels, and dictionaries, and more.

Write Your Heart Out:

Writing is a great mental exercise as you gather your thoughts and pen down creativity. Convey your message to the audience and let them relish your ideas. Try different genres of writing and mold yourself to become a versatile personality. Sounds interesting? Try it right away!

Decide Fascinating Theme:

Don’t make the mistake of writing randomly. Always have an underlying theme and then plan to write. Write about stuff you observe, feel or take pleasure in. Ensure not to confuse the listener. Paint a vivid picture with words and most importantly, revel yourself.

Participate in Songwriting Competitions:

Indulge yourself in every activity that relates to writing lyrics of a song. A songwriting competition is the best example. You may not win but will discover new ideas your peers possess. Embed them with sheer practice and you will see yourself transforming into a new personality altogether.

Everyone doesn’t pay attention to lyrics of a song; most people prefer hearing a song with a soothing tune with great vocals. For those who are insightful, love rhetoric, you ought to add amazing lyrics to the equation. With the above-mentioned tips, you will surely start unlocking your own songwriting creativity and start exploring musical territory experiencing a massive improvement in your songwriting skills.

Key Points To Polish Your Songwriting Skills!

Putting your ideas into words is something which seems to be easy but in reality, it takes much of your efforts and time to motivate you to write.  Writing is an art whether it is a content writing or song writing.  To keep your creative fires lit, one must feel the words and the emotions behind the song to harness those songwriting skills.  Songwriters are the most creative and talented artists that are god gifted.  They are blessed with a power to bring new ideas and transform them into the words full of meaning.

Presently, the craze for songwriting is getting high with the increasing number of competitions.  Every new day brings a new hope for those who want to kick start their career in Songwriting.

Letting you excel in this field, you need to prepare you for the upcoming competitions to showcase your talent and to ace the competition.   To make you ready, get out of your comfort zone and just start working on some of the points that will surely help you to polish your songwriting skills.come out as a creative and artistic songwriter.

  • Create an environment at your home where you can relax your mind and focus on the points. In order to be creative keep your writing tools along with you to motivate you to write.
  • Writing cannot be done at any place or at anytime. Once you have found a comfortable space then, fix the time when you feel that you can produce the best out of your creative mind. It’s better if you set up a daily time to write, this will definitely turn towards a healthy habit of songwriting.
  • Jot down the lyrics immediately it comes to your mind. Always keep a file of your unfinished songs so that you can give it finish touch once are done with your writing.
  • Always find the company of a one best co-writer to discuss your ideas. This will help you work on your mistakes moreover; you will get to learn a lot from your friend and the teacher.
  • On a daily basis, give yourself assignments with one chord to give shape and structure to your writing. Guidelines and practice make your task easier.

Go through all these points to take a step forward.  There’s always tomorrow but to win the race of songwriters, be the first one to grab the opportunities offered many songwriting competitions today.

Beat Your Singing Competitors With Healthy Voice!

Gone are the days, when success was only with the businesses and reputed jobs. But, today people have started favoring music (using a healthy voice) to launch a successful singing career. Indeed it has become a competitive field, where they use to enhance their skills and move ahead in competitions. It is being great to pursue singing as career, but one must not take it for granted just like putting a cart before the horse.

Singing might be a normal thing to do, but it actually needs a lot of practice and hard work to develop and grow the skills viable to be a professional singer. The foremost thing while consulting a singing contest is being able to equip yourself with a healthy voice to bear the stress while singing a song. Other than that hiring a good voice teacher would be much more beneficial to take accurate voice lessons. The teacher will be able to pave a path to better but one can even do this through personal or any impersonal advice.

Every tip and little fact helps to keep your voice healthy for contest, auditions or performances follow certain guidelines to pursue:

  • Training of your voice and body to outshine in the world, with disciplined practice schedules and intervals to take proper rest and practice.
  • Attempt to replicate someone’s voice to excel in the contest and make you out of the comfort zone to become a star.
  • Improve the pace of your voice regularly; nevertheless you can do it in a day’s regular practice. The pace is set up with gradual building of stamina and skills by regular standard practice.
  • You need to avoid certain irrelevant practices such as yelling and talking loudly which can result in folding of your vocal and make them red leading to nodules. Avoid doing so!
  • Allow your voice to stretch with regular and continuous hydration, which could get you out of a bad voice or throat by not making your throat dry and glue with the mucus. This can only be done by drinking a lot of water and avoiding any caffeinated beverages.

Hence, adopting these things might seem funny, but you can experience it in the future about it whether your singing in the contest get noticed or is left unnoticed!

5 Simple yet Powerful Tips For Better Songwriting

Every songwriter follows a different technique and method to write a song. Be it a professional songwriter or an amateur one, it is the wish of every person to have better songwriting, excel and write a hit song.

However, if you are a songwriter and want to outshine in this field, here are a few key tips or guidelines that you can consider before beginning with the songwriting task.

  1. Analyze popular music- When you are listening to your favorite songs, analyze the music properly and find out what it is that makes the particular song appealing to your ears. Is it the lyrics that make the song popular or the song only about the good music? In addition, you should also analyze the songs of artists that never became popular. This way you will get a good idea of what should not be included in your songwriting.
  2. The idea- With a clear idea in your mind you can very easily excel in the songwriting task. Whether it is about the concept of the song or a melody, if you are clear with your ideas nothing can stop you to write an excellent song.
  3. Structures of the song- When writing a song always consider the structure or format of the song. Be very clear about the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge of your song.  Your concept should dictate the structure of your song. Furthermore, you should also take care of the length of the song.
  4. Focus on the chorus- This is the most important songwriting tips that a number of songwriters often tend to overlook. Chorus of the song is the first thing that generally comes to mind while listening to a song. The chorus of the song should be simple yet catchy and memorable.
  5. Get feedback- Do not forget to get feedback for your song from another perspective. You can ask your family members and friends about your song. What are their views? Did they love the song? Ask for their opinion and take them into consideration.

So, the next time you are thinking of writing a song, take the aforementioned tips into consideration. They will assuredly help you with your songwriting skills.

Afraid To Share Your Musical Creation? Overcome It Now!

Some people write songs as a hobby and others want to make a successful career in this field. No matter what options people choose, they are always required to share their work.  However, sharing your musical creation with some new person might seem like a daunting task but this is a very important thing or else your creations will be left unnoticed.

There are certain specific things that can help in dealing with this fear and among them is building a strong confidence. Self-assurance or confidence is very important to be successful in this field.  Even if you have no interest in building a career in songwriting, you have the option to enjoy your musical creation and share it with your loved ones.

Different confidence building exercises and workshops can greatly help in improving an individual’s self-esteem.  You should be confident about your work and make sure that negative remarks from any person do not influence your work, confidence, and your songwriting abilities.

One of the most effective ways to improve your songwriting skills is to join a popular songwriting group in your area.  Meeting people with the same interest can be a source of inspiration for you.

You can even join a workshop to have a better understanding of the song creation process. You can learn to play the piano, know about the purpose, and the usage of keys while creating a song.

Moreover, you can also join a theory course to learn about melody, choruses, and much more. You can look for a college in your area or join an online class.  However, if you are planning to join an online course, make sure to look for a reputed website that ensures to provide accurate lessons.

All artists are dealing with some kind of fear.  However, it depends on your own capabilities and strength to triumph over your fear soon as possible.

The sooner you will start working, the better it will be for you and your career!

How To Boost Your Singing Performance On Stage?

Singing doesn’t only mean to listen to your favorite singer and sing the way they perform.  In order to make you perfect in singing, you need to learn each and every tactic to boost your singing performance and talent. Watching our favorite singer performing on TV makes us feel like a singer.  This surely helps us to learn a number of things that we can add into our singing style to horn our skill set.  Before getting into this field there are numbers of questions that comes to your minds such as how to sing with a band or solo?  How to memorize lyrics?  How to make your singing convincing? These questions should be answered in time to make you perform confidently on stage.

Here are some of the suggestions, following which you can improve your singing and become the next singing star of the music industry.

  1. To make your audience feel your singing, you must enjoy the feeling of being on stage instead of getting nervous. Always put your energy in your songs when you are on stage, not just in dancing,
  2. Rehearse as much as you can to build your confidence moreover, to make you ready for all situations. Also, keep it in a mind, before you go to the stage, avoid rehearsing, again and again, this will make you feel low and unsure.
  3. While singing, remind you the next line to get the right sense of spontaneity to your performance. Moreover, this will help you to end your first line in an appropriate manner.
  4. When you are on stage feel the song in a way that it makes your audience understand your character and the emotional path of the story.
  5. As we all know remembering lyrics is a challenging job. In order to make them stick, try to make your own detailed analyses of words and their meanings.

Keeping these points in mind, enhance your singing skills, boost your singing performance and kick start your singing career.

Tips To Make Living With Your Music!

When we listen or talk about music, we always have a feeling of relaxation that soothes our mind and soul. No matter you are young or old, music has the power to make you feel youthful and energetic.  Today, in every part of the world, we can find many singers who want to make their passion reach masses. Around the globe you will find many who simply sing just for their personal satisfaction moreover, the reason being that they have the interest in singing. However, there are many like you who look for chances to make a career in singing to make living with your music.

Let’s have a look at the tips below and get to know how you can earn from your songs and songwriting skills:

  • Always look for the ordinary people who love your music so that you can take a one step towards your success. This is the best way to start however, the only thing you need to take care of that your songs must be unique and creative to touch the hearts of the people.
  • Go for a live concert and gigs no matter whether it a small event, this will give you a chance to get popularity.   To become a successful singer, always make you a musician or a singer who is in it for music, not for money.
  • For the proper copyright protection, register your songs and secure your investments.   To really intend your career in singing, take out time to learn all about the basics and essentials of copyright protection.
  • Try to bring creativity in your work so that you can create, design or write your promotional materials to make you stand out of the crowd.

This is not an end, these are just a few basic points that you must be aware of before you seek a career in music industry.

Tips On How To Enter In Singing Competitions!

Are you interested in making your career in singing competitions? If yes, then you must be in search of the great platform and guide that can help you to become the next singing star. Before you make a start always go for the search to figure out all about the company for which you are auditioning.

Check out all the necessary details that the singing competition is all about what.   Are they looking for an all rounder entertainer or singing stars? Well, at this point internet can serve your needs. You can surf the internet sitting in the comfort of your home.   Whenever you want to make a start have a look at the following questions to clear your doubts:

  • Reputation of an organizer in the market
  • Must know about the jury
  • What will be the prize money?
  • What is the procedure to apply
  • Do you know how to apply to be a part of the competition?
  • Are you aware that how many categories are going to be there? In which category you fall?
  • How is this competition going to change your life?

This is not enough, apart from this, it is also necessary to figure out all about the life of the previous winners. This helps you to know a lot about the company is it really a compelling platform or not? Will it give you a chance to work with many other companies to help you reach the pinnacle of success? Depending upon this entire information makes your decision, whether to take a part in singing competitions or not? Well, if the entire search is providing you a positive response then, start preparing for your style of performance. Hurry up!

How To Add Natural Emotions To Your Performance?

Today, singing has become passion for many people around the globe. With the every coming day, we come to see a new singer with a new singing style. Different personalities have different voice, tone and way of singing which makes them different from the others. It is an art which you can learn with the growing age and time moreover, can improve it more to make you stand out from the crowd when you add Natural Emotions To Your Performance.

You must sing in such a way that your words, lyrics, and tone touch the heart of your audience.   It is of no use if you fail to connect with the audience. Being a singer it is highly important for you to inject emotions with the lyrics of your songs.   No matter if you are a singer or a songwriter; you must have the power of emotions which is really vital for you to give your audience a convincing performance.

Have a look at the given tips that will surely help you to light the fire under those vocals:-

  • Try to use your vocal tone in different positions, which will allow you to produce different vocal tones and this will surely help you to add more emotions to your songs.
  • ‘Cry’ is the one major technique that will literally make you feel the song. To add feelings to your songs mimic the tone your voice carries when you cry.
  • You can also do experiment with your mouth shapes, tongue placement, and vowels to discover that how they affect the tone and resonance of the notes.
  • Try to relate and put your ‘life experience’ in the song to bring forth your heart and feelings through your singing.
  • Practice your singing on one word over and over in different ways by changing its emphasis, tone, intensity and melody.

This makes you perfect in expressing your song in the right manner, therefore; not only you but your audience too will feel the song.


Take A Look To Start Out As A Singer Or Songwriter!!

Music allows you to bring forth your feelings and emotions. It is the most relaxing way to console a broken heart. No matter whether you perform in a group or solo, it’s always you need to be aware of the singing tips to get the best out of your singing career. With the growing competition, it has become the necessity that you must horn your singing and songwriting skills as you start out as a Singer or Songwriter.   Though music industry is offering ample opportunities to various artists in present whilst it is also making pretty competitive for them to realize that still there is a lot that they need to learn.

Check out the list of tips that will surely help you to survive: –

Make First Impression At An Open Mic

We all know performing in a group always build your confidence. Sometimes your minor mistakes can be ignored because people focus on a group instead of one. Whereas while performing solely it can be a nervy experience. To improve your confidence and to brush up your skills start performing at an Open Mic. This helps you build both your confidence and an audience.

Get To Know More People

Try to perform in such a way that you could be get asked for more events. Make as many friends as possible to let people know about you and your skills. Try to build connections with the experienced artists. This will help you get more work or they will book you for other gigs.

Right Selection Of Songs

No matter, you are a singer or a songwriter, it is important for both to make the right selection of songs, words, and music for the perfect composition. Being a songwriter try to focus on the words that can make people feel connected and they can understand what you are trying to say. On the other hand, if you are a singer then it is all the more important for you to sing a song that can help you make an impression on the audience.

Following the above-mentioned tips, you can get mastery over your singing and songwriting passion as you start out as a Singer or Songwriter.

5 Tips to Prepare Your Voice Before A Live Performance!

Performing in front of a live audience is a challenging task and, it is completely ok if you are nervous. Musicians like Elvis Presley also had nervous attacks during his performances but, it ultimately made him evolve him as a better singer. Feeling anxiety before your stage performance might just prepare your voice and help you in delivering a great show.

Apart from this, there are other few tips that’ll help you in getting ready when you are about to give a performance. Let’s have a look at them:

Keep your throat hydrated:

Drink water in regular and short interval of time. Keep it as a rule to consume up to 8-9 glasses of water on daily basis. Moreover you can also create a mixture of lemon and honey to lubricate your voice.

Try Home-made recipes to prep your voice:

If your throat feels a little soar, take mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with honey. This mixture will help in killing the bacteria and sooth the throat for your better performance.

Warm-up before you sing:

This is a step that should be done just before your performance. In a normal pitch, start rehearsing your song. Make sure that you do not sing in extremely high pitch as you might end up straining your voice.

Keep a check on your diet:

Not only it is important to consider what you drink but what you eat is equally accountable. Junk food like pizza and pasta can dry up your throat and make your throat sour. Green vegetables lubricate your vocals and also increase your ability to sing and breathe properly.


As we all know, practice is the key to success. Make sure you practice every day to improve your singing ability.

By performing these simple 5 steps you can physically prepare your voice. You’ll surely notice the difference in your voice once you start following these simple steps. If you think you are ready for a stage performance, send your entries in singing competitions. Get maximum votes and stand a chance to win $3,000.

Know About the Copyright Laws in the US

In many cases that creativity and passion of a person can turn around resulting in a great business for them. Moreover, when we talk about the music industry, your excellence is only possible when you love music to bits and believe to creating songs that you like. Having said that, uniqueness and originality is one thing that captures the largest audience towards you, therefore, do not let anyone steal the thunder of your work. By this we do not mean your talent, but simply your work. To consider this issue keenly, copyright laws in the US got introduced long back in 1790, which stated the author of a work is its copyright owner. This created a fair right of authors and creators on their work the moment their work is in fixed in a tangible way.

You can register for copyright once you have completed your work and are present with you in a tangible form. If you are in the recorded music business, there are two types of copyrights that might interest you:

1.Copyrights on the song composition: This right generally focuses on the song composition and includes the music, harmony, melody and much more. In addition to that, the song lyrics are also included

2.Copyrights on the sound recording: This relates to the sound recording copyright symbol that relates to the music in physical forms, such as, audiotapes, cassettes, compact discs, and more.

Registering a copyright is not as complex as sounds. The United State Copyright Office states that all you need to keep with yourself is the registration fee and a copy of the copyrighted material. Once you have submitted this in the office, a certification would be issued and you can take advantage of the benefits.

Therefore, do not let your talent go to vein and register for copyrights as soon as possible. Send your entries to us and register in the upcoming songwriter competition and stand a chance to win $3,000.

Memorable Music Unites the World

Memorable Music can unite the world. Nothing proves this more than the outpouring of love and reminiscing that occurs when a music legend is lost. The world said goodbye to another musical legend last year. Singer and songwriter, Prince, died at the age of 57.  Millions of people have spent the last couple days singing his songs, listening to his songs, and remembering what the world was like when it rained purple.

In fact, much of the internet and even some businesses have gone “purple” in honor of Prince and although I’m afraid it’s only temporary, the racial, political, and religious divisions have subsided.


Because music is important to people, good music becomes part of the fabric of human life. We remember our first kiss, summer camp, our girls’ nights out, our first date, our first dance, our first concert.  All of these firsts and most of our memories from childhood have music tied to them.

There is something about music and lyrics that delves deep into your soul, music can motivate you, it can soothe your pain, it can help you celebrate. Good memorable music can put you in a great mood or bring you out of a bad mood. Good music can hold your hand through a cathartic crying session or spur you on to finish a marathon. Music taps into our human emotions and that’s what makes it memorable.

So how do you create music that people will remember years from now?

Rhyme and Pattern
We all can name at least one song that no matter where we are when it comes on, we can’t resist leaping up and dancing to it. Or a song that makes us cry every time we hear it. If you’ve done any kind of songwriting you already know the importance of rhyme and patterns.

If you’re going to write a song, it helps to understand how rhyme and pattern work. Know which beats and patterns are popular with the majority of people so you can incorporate some of those rhyme and patterns into your music effectively. And sometimes even intentionally going against what is popular can also be memorable.


You’ve heard this mentioned if you are familiar with American Idol. You have to connect with your audience. The way you connect with your audience is to sing about things that they can relate to or sing in a way that pulls them into your story and makes them relate to it.
So if you’re writing a song, think about the things that most people have in common. It could be an emotion like falling in love, an event such as summer camp, or even an object like a car or a truck. Using images and words that invoke memories of those things that are common to most people will help make your song memorable.
When you are singing a song, let yourself feel the emotion attached to it. Make sure that you sing in a way so that your audience feels the emotions that go along with what you are singing about. Because getting them to feel the song as well as hear it, is what connects people and keeps the song in their memory.


The last reason that music is so memorable is because of repetition. Not just repetition in the song, we all know the chorus much better than the rest of the lyrics, right? But when you hear a song you like, a song that taps into your emotions, a song that reminds you of something that happened in your life, what do you do?
You listen to it over and over again. It’s usually popular with other people too and so the radio station plays it over and over again. Sometimes you listen to it so much that you get sick of it, but by then the repetition has done its job.
That song, it’s lyrics, the music, it’s all imbedded into your memory almost like concrete. Twenty years later you can hear the first forty seconds of a song and it will bring back all those memories as if you were in that moment.
So whether you choose to write, play, or sing your music always do what you can to make it memorable!


It is one of the most common saying, “Music speaks, when words fail”. As we all know, music has the power to console every broken heart. This is the most creative passion in which one brings forth their feelings, expressions and thoughts. The craze for singing is increasing rapidly among the people of all ages. Most of us have a passion to become popular through their songs so that they can rock the music industry one day and increase their money making power. However, each one is failed to recognize the fact behind their singing talent. No is familiar with an idea the songs they are singing is not only makes them famous but is a good source of generating maximum amount.

Once writing or singing is done, your song can be downloaded, sold, and streamed. This entire means that you are generating songwriter royalties for you. Today in the music industry, songwriters can earn millions for full-time living from their singing and songwriting skills.

Well, songwriters can earn royalties in number of ways that are categorized as Physical/Analog songwriter Royalties and Digital Songwriter Royalties. These further include different ways which are outlined as follows: –

Mechanical Royalties

This is one best way which is very common in the market. We all know that CDS & DVDs are the ultimate way to sell your songs. Whenever a unit is sold, a singer or writer gets mechanical royalty as their income. The royalty rate depends according to the currency rate.

Analog Royalties

In this, you can make money by performing live. Public performance is the best way that helps you to get maximum amount. Whenever you play at the local pubs or your song gets radio play you can earn money. The royalty rate can be fixed with the negotiation between PRO and the entity where the performance occurs.

Print Royalties—Printed material

As in this case, royalty can be generated from the public display copyright. There’s no government rate for this royalty—it’s a one-to-one negotiation.

In this way, you can see how a singer can get benefited from his singing talent and increase his/her money making power.

Virtues of Singing Competitions

Nothing feels better than getting paid for your expertise. Internet and mass media have contributed in making the world a massive stage and billions of people, your audience. Singing competitions have blossomed to their all time highs in last decade. Online singing competitions have emerged out of nowhere and have become as prestigious as broadcast media singing competitions.

We still can remember clearly how a YouTube singing sensation turned from ashes to stars known as Justin Bieber.

  • Online singing competitions are organized at various levels depending on hit rate of websites and brands associated with them.
  • These types of singing competitions are almost free to be entered so they include a diverse type of candidature and singing genre. They have usually standardized equipment and software usage hence ensuring fair and square competition among all sections of society.
  • Deciding factors are variable as some online singing competitions have their own panel of judges while others decide on basis of public appeal in form of likes, votes or any assessment unit provided to users.
  • Along with getting exposure and fame on a free platform, winning singer gets monetary benefits and a memento in form of a trophy.
  • Bonus benefits of this online popularity is getting immense followers on singer’s YouTube channel hence getting a fixed or increasing compensation from YouTube for operating their channel. There is also a fair chance to get direct entry in any mass media organized singing competition or possibly a singing contract.
  • Positive social signs play a vital role in getting contracts and singing opportunities. Those social signs start from taking part in online singing competitions.

Other type of singing competitions are those considered under reality TV. Working mechanism of those competitions is also same along with some added benefits. On a level where there are only a few singers left, as public image projection teams take charge so a positive image goes out. This makes a singer a bigger personality in social circle.

Every budding singing talent must give a chance to his career by taking part in such competitions.

How to Make a Start in a Singing Career

Many people dream about to become a singer at their early age. Some of them actually pursue in this singing career and fulfill their dreams. Though, it seems to be exciting that you get a chance to become a famous personality. However, it involves great dedication, hard work and sacrifices to reach the heights of success. For many aspiring singers, singing and performing is more about the passion and less about the money. Well, if you have a passion for singing, then there are a number of things you need to know to make a fresh start in singing industry.

Let’s have a look at the points that can greatly increase your chances of reaching your big break: –

1. Build your singing skills: – Before launching your singing career it is imperative that you must be familiar with your skills and talent. Moreover, you need to figure out that for what kind of singing you are perfect such as Solo, as a Lead or a Backup Singer.

2. Perform and Sing as much as possible: – This helps to increase your confidence level and you become confident enough to perform in front of a large number of audiences. You can contact with the various colleges and universities to perform live there. The best way to polish your singing passion is to audition as much as you can. This provides you a chance to perform in front of experienced singers and moreover, you can learn many things from them that help you to improve your singing skills.

3. Link up Musicians to show your talent: – Always try to get involved in the music events that are happening in your area. This gives you a chance to interact with others musicians to become friends with them. Well, you can also publicize your events in the newspapers to let people know about you.

4. Trying Alternative routes: – Enter a singing competition this is a great place to begin. In addition to this, you can use music distributor sites. These sites allow you to publish your songs or album on the websites.

By considering these points, you can rock your singing passion and can become the top most singer.

Fillip Your Career by Entering In Singing Competitions

Singing competitions help you to develop your vocal skills. Everyone is quite apprehensive when it comes to performing in front of audience. No matter if it is a small gathering or a huge crowd, the anxiety that you feel while performing is something that you have to turn into self-confidence. Do not doubt yourself if any of your stage performance is wrecked because with every step there is something new that you learn.

If you are still wondering the importance of singing competitions, here we are listing the top advantages that’ll help you in filliping your career:

Builds in confidence

Singing competitions help you judge your performance. If you self analyze your work, there are a lot of things you’ll notice about your performance. Moreover, nervousness is a basic human reaction that is exhibited when the performer feels that people are watching and judging. Competitions help you overcome these mindsets and developing self confidence that is very important for personal growth.


There is no other reward better than experience. Music industry is full of opportunities if you take up the right path. When you perform in front of the audience no matter what the strength is, you develop experience. Obviously, there are mistakes but these mistakes will help you grow and help you gain experience.

Developing a good voice

In singing competitions there is judge’s feedback that matters. Whether you win or not, your true motive for entering in the competition should be learning something from the whole experience and developing a voice that makes you better from the rest.


Singing competitions help in getting exposure as they are the best platform where music experts can see you performing. Apart from all your talents, sometimes all you require to become a professional signer is exposure.

All these points will help you immensely in developing the right skills for your career. Register your names in singing competitions and start your journey to success.

Tips to Boost Your Songwriting Skills!

To achieve success in the songwriting industry, it is essential that you must have strong writing skills. Songwriting is the most beautiful art that involves creativity, learning, objectivity and observation. Merely, publishing a song is not an achievement, as a songwriter what is important to you, is to have excellent writing skills. This is not similar to other kinds of writing.

There comes a time when every songwriter undergoes a situation where the inspiration just seems to dry up. These are the situations over which you have no control.

Presently, the competition for songwriters is on the edge and as a songwriter, you need a lot to horn your skills to stay ahead of the competition. To make your writing skills good at all the times, here we are discussing some effective tips to help you learn new ways to express yourself.

Have a glimpse on the basic tips you need to know as a Songwriter: –

  • Be Open to Learning – This is really the first and the foremost step to start your career as a successful songwriter. Having a strong understanding of most basic principles of song form, chord structure, melodies and harmonies, serves a great way to sharpen your skills.
  • Add More Interest to Your Lyrics – To create a new set of lyrics for your favorite song, it is of utmost importance to read the lyrics of your preferred lyricist. Simply, pen down every word and feeling that comes into your head. By figuring this out, you can easily determine the themes, characteristics and trends in your own lyrics.
  • Not Follow Your Heart Only – As many of us believe that songwriting comes from the heart only. Well, this is not true to that extent. Yes, of course, we follow what our heart says and write down. But when it comes to writing songs, you need to involve several aspects of mind also, not just feelings.
  • Construct Exercises – To horn your songwriting skills, write one new song daily for a week to enhance your writing skills. The idea here is clearly to make you perfect. By doing so, you will automatically get into the habit of writing perfect songs every time.
  • Present Your Work to Experienced Songwriters – This is one of essential points which we cannot neglect. To take your work to another level, it is important to join social songwriting circles, where you can present your work to experts to get the right feedback.

Well, as we know no two individuals are alike. Every songwriter has the different approach in music. There may be many different ways also, following which one can excel their career in Songwriting. However, the points discussed above prove to be a great help for songwriters to make their career in fast growing singing world.

Ten Tips to Take Your Singing Voice from Amateur to Professional

You don’t know what you don’t know. If you want to move from amateur singer to professional singer, the best way to do that is to learn all you can and practice, practice, practice. No matter how much experience you have, singing lessons or the help of a vocal coach can greatly improve your singing voice from amateur to professional. Here are ten tips to follow to take your singing voice from amateur to professional.

  1. Voice and Tone – The quality of your voice is very important and is often what grabs the attention of the audience and/or judges. This is the sound of your voice (deep, smooth, light, raspy, etc.) The more you sing, the stronger your voice will become.
  2. Control and Pitch – You should be able to vocalize a variety of notes, identify pitches and intervals, fix off-key notes. It’s important to know if you are singing on pitch and in the correct key and whether you are sharp or flat. Record yourself and play it back. Listen carefully and make note of your mistakes.
  3. Enunciation and Diction – If you enunciate well, your audience is able to understand the lyrics of the song easily. You want a clear, flowing sound and this comes from good diction. To improve your enunciation, practice by reading aloud and pronouncing vowels and consonants.
  4. Rhythm -Most of us learned about rhythm in elementary school. It’s the beat of the music. If you cannot keep up with the rhythm of the music, then you must practice. It’s crucial to be able to identify different beat lengths, sing the notes with different beats, and to hold the tempo of the music.
  5. Breath and Support – You’ve heard about breathing techniques if you are at all familiar with singing. Any good singing coach will review breathing techniques with new students. Being able to breath correctly will relax your voice which in turn will improve your vocal sound. Breathing is also connected to good posture.
  6. Volume – Make sure the volume of your voice is evenly balanced. One indication of an amateur singer is someone who sings so softly they cannot be heard or one who belts out every note. Neither of these are qualities of a good singer. Your volume should be right for the song and be enjoyable for those who are listening.
  7. Song Style Choice – You’ve heard about the importance of song choice if you watch American Idol. Match your voice to the song. It’s important to know your natural range and how to vary your volume and your tone to suit the style of music you are singing.
  8. Consistent Performance – This is another component that is discussed frequently on American Idol. You must be able to sing consistently and reliably. Every time. Don’t confuse this with singing the same every time.
  9. Versatility – You’ve heard the saying “she could sing the phone book” and that’s true of any versatile singer. For a good singer, it won’t matter what they are asked to sing because they will be able to adjust their voice to match. As a new singer, you can develop your versatility by stepping forward and trying new things.
  10. Identify Weaknesses and Improve – Know your range and stay within it. Constantly work on your breathing techniques. Develop your listening ear so you can identify and adjust or correct your volume, your tone, or your pitch if needed. Develop this by listening to other singers and by recording yourself singing and playing it back. It’s also important to respond to constructive criticism well and use it to improve your skills.

Maybe you were born with good tone or great rhythm but you still need to work on developing all of these other components in order to be a good well-rounded professional singer. Anyone can have a good singing voice with the right training. Stick with it, take care of your vocal instrument, have a good attitude, and you’ll be well on your way to making your dreams come true.

Top 10 Tips to Become Professional Songwriter

Writing a song is a great skill. Wondering how can you become professional songwriter? Well, here are 10 tips that’ll help you in achieving your desired goals:


What do you want to convey? Think about it. Make sure you are clear about the whole idea before you make your audience understand it.

2. Focus on the words

Your words are the most important part of your song. Therefore, choose your words aptly to make this process easy. Whenever you find something interesting, take a moment and write it down.

3. Learn to focus overall

Well, focus is something that is very important and no one expects you to develop it overnight. Learn to focus and success is guaranteed

4. Be Original

This works all the way from singing to songwriting. Be yourself and be original. If you imitate, you are just going to be someone’s parody.

5. Understand the depth yourself

Before expecting your audience to understand, make sure that you understand it first. Songwriting is an art and can be pursued only if you love to write. This field cannot be pursued if you take it only as

6.   Be Curious

You can always learn, irrespective of your age or skill. No one is perfect; therefore, make sure that you try to learn as much as you can and whenever you find a chance.

7. Take small steps

Start with baby steps. Send your rendition to platforms where maximum number of audience visits. Social media can be a great place to start.

8. Be different

Don’t deliver what the audience has already read. Try to be different. Not only your audience will love it, they’ll notice you!

9. Listen

The more we listen, the more we grab things. When it comes to singing we always read and listen to hit songs. They’ll help you in generating ideas of your own. Learn as you listen.

10. Accept positive criticism

Well, creative fields involve a lot of criticism, both positive and negative. Make sure you ignore the negative ones and accept the positive and work towards your betterment rather than getting upset about it.

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Tips to Prepare Yourself For Singing Contests

Have you ever taken part in any singing contests? If yes, then you would be familiar with the feeling of having butterflies in your stomach or even stage fright. No matter, how brilliant a singer you are, it’s always scary to sing before a panel of judges. Not everyone can make it through every round to impress the judges. It is eventually one person who wins the show.

Well, if you want to be the next singing superstar, then here are some effective tips to ace singing competitions. Let’s have a look at the tips given below:

Be Extremely Well-Prepared For The Initial Round 

Being prepared doesn’t mean that you have practiced over night and now you are ready to sing a song in front of judges. There are many other things which you need to take care of. To make an impression, always be ready at the word ‘GO’ to start at the right time and in the right manner.

Choose a Suitable Song For Auditions

Never sing your best song right at the start of the singing contests. The reason behind this is that judges always look for something surprising from the contestants as the competition goes on. Select the songs that help you showcase the unique quality of your voice and reserve your best songs for the last rounds.

Dress Appropriately for a Good Impression

For better performance, you must know how to dress in accordance with the image you want to portray through your song. It is very important to create an image that suits you as a singer on the stage.

Show Originality In Your Songs

Presently, judges are more interested in looking out for fresh and real talent. You need to inject your character and singing style to the songs you sing.

Use Your Stage Well

Always plan your moves on the stage to cater to the audiences in the left, right and center sections of the concert venue. This will help you make sufficient eye contact with the judges to connect with them.

With these effective tips, there will be no stopping you from becoming the next singing superstar.

5 Singing Tips for Beginners

Becoming a professional singer might be tough, but with the right guidance and practice, anyone can master this art. Here are the top 5 singing tips for beginners.

1) Decide on what kind of singing suits you

This completely depends on the kind of music that you like. You can choose pop, jazz, hip-hop, rock; anything that moves you and inspires you.

2) Find the right teacher

Finding a mentor is the key to success. You can learn the tips and tricks of singing with the right teacher. But, don’t be disheartened if you don’t find one, after all practice makes a man perfect.

3) Invest in yourself

We don’t mean financially but take out some “me” time for yourself. Take time to judge your talent. How long will it take you to be like someone you idolize? Well, these questions can only be answered by investing in your own self.

4) Be Original

This can be listed as one of the most important tips. No matter who you idolize, do not let it reflect in your songs. However, the choice is all yours while song selection, but if you are singing the song make sure you do not imitate it like the original singer or someone else you like.

5) Get Copyrights for your songs

It is always preferable to stay clear in legal terms, especially when it comes to your talent and hard-work. You can showcase your talent, but can’t let anyone steal it from you. If you are posting your original lyrics on a platform, where people around the globe can read it, make sure you register for copyrights first.

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Set Vocal Lesson Goals

You decided to take some voice lessons and you are anxious about vocal lesson one, wondering what you should expect and how you should prepare. Concentrate on these 7 tips to get yourself ready for lesson one of your session.

Have a vocal goal

It’ll assist your instructor in focusing your lessons and aiming for certain milestones in your progress. Whether you’d like to have the ability to sing “Happy Birthday” in key, improve your musicality, or tour with a band without losing your voice, there are certain goals you may have as a singer.

Get ready to talk

Occasionally, performing the perfect song will mean getting to the meaning of the lyrics you’re singing. Analyzing, translating, and applying your own unique interpretation of the lyrics of a song helps to bring out your top vocal performance.

Get ready for the basics

Most teachers begin the lesson with vocal exercises and scales, not just to warm up the voice to avoid injury, yet to additionally offer them an idea of your tone, style and range.

Be willing to become vulnerable

Whether you are not consistently hitting that one note, hear yourself sounding a bit pitchy while doing scales, or are surprised by a new sound you’re producing, know you aren’t on The Voice (just yet) and no one is here to judge you. It’s a time for learning.

Bring a selections of songs

You’re welcome to bring a selection of songs to the first lesson. If you need sheet music, bring one extra copy for your pianist.

Put in the work

The teacher might assign homework, exercises, translations, research, whatever it is which will assist you in moving forward. In order to avoid a vocal lesson which is the same as the last one, it is recommended to do your homework.

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How to Record Vocals At Home

Constructing a home studio may be tricky. But don’t fear, there will include ways to make the home studio a comfy area to Record Vocals. Below are 5 ways of immediately improving your vocal recordings in your home studio.

Studio headphones

Be certain you’re able to supply client’s quality headphones in order for them to correctly observe the mix then record over backing tracks. Buy two pairs so the band’s guitarist or producer can follow along with your recording.

Talk-back functionality

This includes a word used to define a microphone activated as an engineer has a desire to speak with the performer in an additional room in between takes. Typically, this microphone is directly routed into the mix in order for you to easily deactivate it and activate it without actual patching involved.

Vocal shield/pop filter

A vital word to be familiar with is “plosive.” It’s the sound the vocalist makes while pronouncing a “P” sound. The sound will cause microphones to make a popping sound because of a high stream of air leaving a singer’s mouth. Those pops typically are full of a low end and may cause abnormalities within the fidelity of a vocal track. Vocal shields and pop filters may be utilized to break that air up as well as protect the signal’s quality in order for your vocal to be even and clean throughout.


Quality pre-amps are expensive, yet if you are just recording vocals at the home-studio, it is worth your investment. Pro-sumer devices are worth the investment.

A portable recording booth

If recording vocals inside a room that is surrounded by drywall that is untreated, you might not generate the expected quality sound. Untreated rooms will reflect sound back and forth and back into your microphone. Those artifacts are detrimental to the sound as well as lead to the vocal recording degrading in quality. To avoid the problem, get a portable booth which helps in isolating a singer’s voice from reflecting off all walls and back inside the microphone.

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7 Ways to Know

If You’ve Got What It Takes to be a Singer

Everyone has had a moment or two in the shower when they’re convinced that they could be a rock star. However, not everyone has the natural talent to be a professional singer. So how can you determine your singing skills? What are a few ways to know you have what it takes to be a singer?
The following are seven ways to figure out if you’ve got what it takes to be a singer in the professional world.

1. You’ve Listened to Yourself and You Sound Good

If you have listened to yourself with an audio recording, and it sounds pretty good, then you probably have a base foundation for real talent.  Be careful not to judge your voice by only listening to yourself while you sing.   Instead, record your voice and play it back. Your sinus cavities will have your voice sounding far different in your head than it actually does. Cut through the confusion by recording your voice and playing it back.

2. You can Sing with a Back-Up Track 

Next, figure out if you can sing along with a back-up track and sound like a singer. Singing a cappella isn’t the best way to determine if you’re a good singer. Put music with your voice to see if you have what it takes to kill it on the microphone.

3. Your friends and family think you can sing

If you’ve been told by friends, family and especially musical teachers that your voice is amazing, then it probably is. Feedback is important for seeking a music career.

4. You can take constructive criticism

All professional careers involve the ability to take constructive criticism. If you can’t take it, then the entertainment industry isn’t for you.  All professional singers are told by producers, executives, managers, agents, fellow musicians—what’s right and what’s wrong with your song—can you take it?

5. You have determination to stick with it

Are you determined to stick with your career no matter what? Determination to go through whatever it takes is the key ingredient to making it as a singer.  Sometimes even family and close friends will discourage you—can you counteract it and let your passion grow stronger.

6. Improving your abilities is a top priority

Just because someone said your voice sounds amazing, doesn’t mean you never have to improve your abilities. Be prepared to make an effort to expand on your natural abilities.

7. You’re willing to take voice lessons

Building on the last point, all professional singers have at one time or another taken voice lessons. Don’t shy away from this concept or from actually taking lessons. You won’t get to the top without putting in the work.

If you’re willing to do the work, being a professional singer is an extremely rewarding career. Consider these 7 ways and contemplate whether or not they resonate with what you truly want.