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    Not Just Another Breakup Song
    To me you're not just
    another breakup song,
    you're my best friend,
    with you is where I belong.
    You told me you loved me,
    I said I loved you too
    But I was dying inside
    Not wanting to hurt you

    I can't live
    with or without you,
    and I am torn
    to do what I have to.
    I wouldn’t change a thing
    cuz baby when I see you smile
    I can face the world
    Just stay with me a while
    you're all that I want
    I don't wanna miss a thing
    I’ll be forever yours
    ohhh faithfully
    I even love the sound
    of silence with you.
    but I’ll let you go
    because I love you.
    I can't live
    with or without you,
    and I am torn
    to do what I have to.

    Now I lay down at night
    All alone in my bed
    feeling the cold tears
    run down my skin
    knowing how you’ll
    be feeling even worse
    when I tell you this
    I don’t wanna see you hurt!

    I would prefer
    to spend forever with you
    under the cool night sky
    like we used to do,
    talking and laughing
    as though time had stopped.
    Singing and reminiscing
    Under the stars

    Would I go back and trade
    those moments though?
    Never, because you’ve truly
    Touched my soul
    But I’m going crazy
    cuz the person you said
    you live forIs the one
    breaking your heart instead

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