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Rubie who was born and raised in Baguio City, Philippines started singing to the tunes of Laura Branigan, Whitney Houston and Heart at the tender age of 7. Inspired by both musician parents, she started learning how to play the piano, the guitar and the drums at the same time. She rolled with her parents overseas as they pursued their musical career. By the age of 9, she got her first big break by playing the part of "Annie" in Gotta Sing Gotta Dance International broadway show in Singapore. She knew by then that music was going to play an important role in her life. It wasn't long when she had her female band in high school playing for different gigs, entering band competitions and winning them. It was also the time she started writing her own songs coming up with "Come Around When It Rains," She followed on travelling to different countries as a professional singer. She is also the vocalist of "Ambermoon," an alternative rock group known for playing the song "Take Your Time," which is still being played on the local radio station after being recorded some years ago. It was included in the daily dozen most requested songs in Baguio City during those times. Though she now prefers acoustic set ups, a stint or two with the band never failed. Now for the first time in 22 years after the song was written, "Come Around When It Rains" is featured here as an entry for the song writing category.

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