Are You Aware of the Little Known Benefits of Singing?

Singing brings joy to many. After years of singing in the shower and humming tunes while driving, ever wondered if singing can lead to other surprising benefits of singing?

Enhances your mood

You’ll be surprised to know that it releases the same feel-good chemical that is released when you gobble a chocolate. Endorphins and Oxytocin hormones make you happy, reduces stress and curtails pain.

 A great workout

Proper breathing while singing is equivalent to a great aerobic workout. Yes, you are right; it is the one that works on the lungs. If this seems unbelievable, try singing for 30 minutes without a halt and then you’ll realize how good it feels. Find an empty space and sing your heart out as if you are a performer. To get into the mood, play the actual song in the background and sing as if you are addressing a huge crowd.

Your body language gets better

You put on a great show when you exactly know how to stand and deliver gestures to the audience that gives them the message you are willing to convey. If your chest cavity expands and shoulders are back aligned, you are improving on posture. When you get this right, you automatically inculcate it in your regime.

Eliminates stage fear

Stage fright is a common sight. Getting a pat on your back from friends and family members while you sing in social gathering is the key to overcoming your fear as it thereby boosts your self-esteem. Even if you are unwilling to become the lead vocalist or take up singing as a career, decent singing can help you hop in front for an occasionally sung song.

In the nutshell, the delights and benefits of singing go beyond the ecstatic beauty of your vocal talent. Whether you become a world-class singer or not, savor while you sing, have fun and do what you love!