7 Ways to Know

If You’ve Got What It Takes to be a Singer

Everyone has had a moment or two in the shower when they’re convinced that they could be a rock star. However, not everyone has the natural talent to be a professional singer. So how can you determine your singing skills? What are a few ways to know you have what it takes to be a singer?
The following are seven ways to figure out if you’ve got what it takes to be a singer in the professional world.

1. You’ve Listened to Yourself and You Sound Good

If you have listened to yourself with an audio recording, and it sounds pretty good, then you probably have a base foundation for real talent.  Be careful not to judge your voice by only listening to yourself while you sing.   Instead, record your voice and play it back. Your sinus cavities will have your voice sounding far different in your head than it actually does. Cut through the confusion by recording your voice and playing it back.

2. You can Sing with a Back-Up Track 

Next, figure out if you can sing along with a back-up track and sound like a singer. Singing a cappella isn’t the best way to determine if you’re a good singer. Put music with your voice to see if you have what it takes to kill it on the microphone.

3. Your friends and family think you can sing

If you’ve been told by friends, family and especially musical teachers that your voice is amazing, then it probably is. Feedback is important for seeking a music career.

4. You can take constructive criticism

All professional careers involve the ability to take constructive criticism. If you can’t take it, then the entertainment industry isn’t for you.  All professional singers are told by producers, executives, managers, agents, fellow musicians—what’s right and what’s wrong with your song—can you take it?

5. You have determination to stick with it

Are you determined to stick with your career no matter what? Determination to go through whatever it takes is the key ingredient to making it as a singer.  Sometimes even family and close friends will discourage you—can you counteract it and let your passion grow stronger.

6. Improving your abilities is a top priority

Just because someone said your voice sounds amazing, doesn’t mean you never have to improve your abilities. Be prepared to make an effort to expand on your natural abilities.

7. You’re willing to take voice lessons

Building on the last point, all professional singers have at one time or another taken voice lessons. Don’t shy away from this concept or from actually taking lessons. You won’t get to the top without putting in the work.

If you’re willing to do the work, being a professional singer is an extremely rewarding career. Consider these 7 ways and contemplate whether or not they resonate with what you truly want.