5 Simple yet Powerful Tips For Better Songwriting

Every songwriter follows a different technique and method to write a song. Be it a professional songwriter or an amateur one, it is the wish of every person to have better songwriting, excel and write a hit song.

However, if you are a songwriter and want to outshine in this field, here are a few key tips or guidelines that you can consider before beginning with the songwriting task.

  1. Analyze popular music- When you are listening to your favorite songs, analyze the music properly and find out what it is that makes the particular song appealing to your ears. Is it the lyrics that make the song popular or the song only about the good music? In addition, you should also analyze the songs of artists that never became popular. This way you will get a good idea of what should not be included in your songwriting.
  2. The idea- With a clear idea in your mind you can very easily excel in the songwriting task. Whether it is about the concept of the song or a melody, if you are clear with your ideas nothing can stop you to write an excellent song.
  3. Structures of the song- When writing a song always consider the structure or format of the song. Be very clear about the intro, verse, chorus, and bridge of your song.  Your concept should dictate the structure of your song. Furthermore, you should also take care of the length of the song.
  4. Focus on the chorus- This is the most important songwriting tips that a number of songwriters often tend to overlook. Chorus of the song is the first thing that generally comes to mind while listening to a song. The chorus of the song should be simple yet catchy and memorable.
  5. Get feedback- Do not forget to get feedback for your song from another perspective. You can ask your family members and friends about your song. What are their views? Did they love the song? Ask for their opinion and take them into consideration.

So, the next time you are thinking of writing a song, take the aforementioned tips into consideration. They will assuredly help you with your songwriting skills.